I. Approval of Minutes
I attach the minutes of the meeting on February 18, 2003.

II. Changes in the Use of the Library by Graduate Students
On the suggestion of a UCGS member, Rush Miller will attend Council to discuss changes in the reserve  room system.  I asked him to then make comments on the changing patterns of graduate studentsí use of the  library.  He will end, if there is time, with some discussion of ULSís preprint services.  The library is  central to graduate education and he expects comments and suggestions as well as questions
III. Proposal for a J.S.D. Degree to be Offered by the School of Law
UCGS will review the Graduate Procedures Committee Report of their meeting on March 14, held to  discuss issues raised at the February meeting of Council.  It will also review the response of the School of  Law to suggestions by the committee.  These will be circulated in advance to UCGS so UCGS will be  prepared to take action..

IV. Revision of TA/TF/GSA Policy
I will propose a sentence to be added to this policy in the section describing overload payments in  response to the Office on International Studentsí concern about violations of the INS regulations.  A  draft will be circulated in advance.