University Council on Graduate Study
November 19, 2002
3:00-5:00 p.m.
817 Cathedral of Learning

Attending: Elizabeth Baranger (Chair), Jacob Birnberg (KGSB), Luis Chaparro (ENG), Judith Erlen (NUR), Steven Husted (FAS), Rainer Johnsen (FAS/Physics), Livia Langton (GPSA), Margaret Mahoney (LAW), David Miller (GSPIA), Cindy Persinger (GPSA/FAS), Steve Phillips (SOM), Louis Pingel (EDUC), Dennis Ranalli (DEN), Mark Roberts (MED), Esther Sales (SW), Mitchell Seligson (FAS/Political Science), Roslyn Stone (GSPH) Curtis Wadsworth (GPSA/FAS); Barbara Repasi Heron (Registrarís Office), Carrie Sparks (Provostís Office)

Guests:  David Clubb (OIS), and Linda Gentile (OIS)

I. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the October 15, 2002 meeting were approved as written.

II. Graduate and Professional Programs at the University of Pittsburgh
Vice Provost Baranger distributed the new Guide to Graduate and Professional Programs at the University of Pittsburgh, formerly know as Finding the Graduate Program Thatís Right for You.  Sizeable numbers of this brochure have been distributed to graduate recruiters in various schools to enable them to respond to possible applicants who want information about other programs at the University or do not have a clear idea of what program they want to pursue.

III. International Students and Recent Events:  New Challenges for Universities David Clubb, Director of the Office of International Services (OIS), and Linda Gentile, Associate Director of OIS, presented an overview of changes in federal regulations and federal departments or agencies that may affect international students, administrators of graduate programs, and the Office of International Services.

An important issue was raised concerning overload work for graduate students.  David Clubb said that the INS does not allow students on F-1 and J-1 visas to work more than 20 hours a week in the Fall or Spring terms.  Vice Provost Baranger brought to Councilís attention that the TA policy allows for graduate students to have overload work with the approval of the dean.  The TA policy will be amended to reflect this INS policy.

IV. Status of ETD Project
Vice Provost Baranger discussed the status of the ETD pilot including the number of participants in the pilot, the number of hits ETDs have received, and the problems and successes of the pilot.  The ETD pilot project ends with the December 2002 graduation.  After evaluation of the success of the pilot, the ETD Working Group recommended to UCGS that the ETD pilot now enter a transition period, working toward all theses and dissertations being submitted electronically.  They recommended that the last graduation where paper dissertations and theses would be acceptable would be the April 2004 graduation.  A date for the transition period to end will be voted upon at a later meeting.

A member of Council brought to the groupís attention a potential problem with the History of Art and Architecture department submitting ETDs.  In the past, graduate students in the department have not gotten copyright approval for the images they used in their theses and dissertations because the cost was prohibitive.  UMI does not publish their images when they put HAAís dissertations online.  HAA could not comply with a policy that made ETDs mandatory.  Members of the ETD Working Group in attendance will look into this issue further.

A member of Council asked what would happen if a student submitted an ETD with items that could not be digitized correctly.  He said that an exception for this would have to be made.  Council agreed.

There was a motion made that at the commencement of the ETD pilot in December 2002 the ETD pilot will enter a transition period, working toward all theses and dissertations being submitted electronically.

A question was raised if this motion made it so ETDs would become mandatory at some point in the future.

Vice Provost Baranger said it did not.

The motion was seconded.  Council voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

V. Academic Integrity
At the December UCGS meeting, Dean Steve Phillips will present some new issues in the handling of breaches of academic integrity including suggestions on how programs can educate their students about these issues.
VI. Annual Review of Off-Campus Programs
At the December UCGS meeting, Council will hear the annual review of off-campus programs.

The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting of UCGS will be on December 10, 2002.