University Council on Graduate Study
October 28, 2003
3:00-5:00 p.m.
817 Cathedral of Learning 
Attending: Elizabeth Baranger (Chair), Jeff Brodsky (AS), Paul Danczyk (GPSA), Judith Erlen (NUR), Robert Gibbs (PHARM), Paula Grabowski (AS), Steven Husted (AS), Stephanie Hoogendoorn (GPSA), Malcolm McNeil (SHRS), Steve Phillips (SOM), Louis Pingel (EDUC), David Miller (GSPIA), Mark Roberts (SOM), Esther Sales (SW), Roslyn Stone (GSPH), Martin Weiss (SIS), Glen Whitehead (AS), Brian Yoder (GPSA); Roni Hoffmeyer (Office of the Registrar), Carrie Sparks (Provost’s Office)

Guests: Lois Wilson (ELI) and Jim Coyle (SHRS)

I. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the September 30, 2003 meeting were approved as written.

II. Subcommittee Volunteers
Members of Council were asked to indicate which subcommittee they wished to serve on for this coming year.

III. Proposal to Establish a ScD Program in Speech-Language Pathology
The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences presented a proposal to establish a ScD Program in Speech-Language Pathology.  Vice Provost Baranger reminded Council that the upgrading of professional masters programs in the health sciences to professional doctoral programs has occurred in several fields such as the Doctor of Audiology and the Doctor of Physical Therapy in SHRS.  The Department of Communication Science and Disorders will continue to offer the MA, MS, and PhD degrees in Communication Science and Disorders.  Students can enter the professional doctoral program after earning bachelors, masters, or even the PhD degree. Rather than proliferate the names of professional doctoral degrees, the program proposed that these students receive the ScD degree upon graduation. Malcolm McNeil and Jim Coyle were present to answer questions.

Members of Council were concerned over the choice of name for the degree.  They felt that this proposal, though solid, did not fit the description of a ScD.  It was also noted that there are no longer any ScD degrees awarded by the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. McNeil explained that the name of the degree was chosen based on the fact that people are already using the degree at other universities and it conveys the appropriate level of training. He also felt that it narrowed the scope too much to give it a specific title. The degree is not discipline specific.

There was a motion made to approve the proposal for a Clinical Doctorate in Speech Pathology.  The recommendation of the name for the degree will be determined at a later date.  The motion was seconded.  All present voted in favor of the motion.

The UCGS Procedures Committee will look at the old standards Pitt had for the ScD.

IV. Use of “Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency”
In review of the Graduate and Professional Bulletin and in consideration of how the test is currently used, Vice Provost Baranger recommended that the wording in the bulletin be changed to the following:

Students with a TOEFL score less that 600 (250 on the computer-based test) or less than 7.0 on the IELTS must verify English language proficiency prior to completing registration by sitting for an additional Test of English Language Proficiency (TELP) administered through the English Language Institute.  Individual schools and departments may require students with higher test scores to sit for this TELP.  Based on the test results, students may be required by their academic department to take courses in English as a second language as part of their graduate program.

This would replace the requirement that students with scores less than 650 must take the TELP.  Lois Wilson of the ELI attended the meeting to answer questions.

There was a motion made to approve the above suggested changes to the Bulletin.  The motion was seconded.  All present voted in favor of the motion.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting of Council will be held on November 18, 2003.