University Council on Graduate Study
February 18, 2003
3:00-5:00 p.m.
817 Cathedral of Learning

Attending: Elizabeth Baranger (Chair), Jacob Birberg (KGSB), Jeff Brodsky (Bio Sci/Interdisciplinary), Ray Burdett (SHRS), Judith Erlen (NUR), Stephen Hirtle (SIS), Steven Husted (FAS), Rainer Johnsen (FAS/Physics), Livia Langton (GPSA), Margaret Mahoney (Law), Dave Miller (GSPIA), Steve Phillips (SOM), Louis Pingel (EDUC), Esther Sales (SW), Roslyn Stone (GSPH); Barbara Repasi-Heron (Registrar’s Office), Carrie Sparks (Provost’s Office)

Guests:  John Burkoff (Law), Ronald Brand (Law), James Seitz, (FAS/English), and Alan Lesgold (EDUC)

I. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the December 10, 2002 meeting were approved as written.

II. Proposal to Establish a J.S.D. Program in the School of Law
Professor Ronald Brand presented a proposal to establish a J.S.D. program in the School of Law.  Associate Dean John Burkoff attended to answer questions. The proposed program is a research doctorate for students who complete the L.L.M. degree, either here or at other institutions.  It is designed for international students who will return to their home country to pursue careers in an academic institution.  This research doctorate falls in to the category of “Other Doctoral Degree,” as described in Regulations Governing Graduate Study.

Council raised a number of questions about the proposal including: the requirements for the degree, the lack of exposure students may have to research and research methods, how students get a proposal accepted, and how one can prevent students from submitting prior work as their dissertation.

The guests were excused.

After some discussion Council arrived at the following consensus:
The proposal will be handed to the UCGS Procedures Subcommittee.  They will request that more information be provided on the requirements for the degree at other peer institutions.  Additionally, the section in the proposal that states it is in compliance with Regulations Governing Graduate Studies should be removed or the Procedures Committee should consider revising Regulations Governing to reflect this type of program.

III. Proposal to Establish Certificate Programs in Composition, Literacy and Pedagogy and to Terminate the Minor in Composition
Professor James Seitz presented a proposal submitted by the Dean the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to establish a certificate program in Composition, Literacy and Pedagogy at the master’s and doctoral levels, and to terminate the existing minor in Composition.  The master’s level certificate, to be earned when the student receives a master’s degree, requires 12 credits; the doctoral certificate, earned with the Ph.D., requires 18 credits.  As defined in our Working Document, Graduate Certificates at the University of Pittsburgh, these belong to the certificate type “Graduate.”

Councils only concern was with the additional requirement (which would be satisfied with the teaching portfolio) and the evaluation of the portfolio.
The guest was excused.

Council voted unanimously to approve the proposal contingent on Dr. Seitz submitting a list of criteria by which the teaching portfolio will be evaluated.  This list should also be made available to the students.

IV. Proposal to Establish Four Graduate Certificate Programs in the School of Education
Alan Lesgold presented a proposal to establish four certificate programs in the School of Education leading to Certificates in Teaching, in Educational Administration, and in Educational Supervision and an Education Specialist Certificate.  The School of Education currently offers a variety of different types of non-degree programs that prepare students for certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and/or by the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired.  The School proposes that these non-degree programs be redefined as certificate programs. According to our Working Document, these certificates belong to the certificate types “Post baccalaureate.”

Dr. Lesgold presented the proposal.  Council had no questions.

The guest was excused.

Council voted in favor of the proposal with one member abstaining.

The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting of Council will be on March 18, 2003.