Last updated 27 November 2012

2013 My chapter "Accountable International Relations" will appear in the Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability.
December 2012 Oxford University Press will publish the second edition of Human Rights: Politics and Practice. Learn more here.
November 2012 Oxford University Press published Human Rights at the Crossroads, edited by Mark Goodale. My chapter "Human Rights and the Politics of Contestation" appears as Chapter 2. Click here for more information
November 2012 I presented a paper, "Human Security, Human Rights, and Politics" at the G.E. Hendricks Symposium, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
October 2012 The Association for Political Theory met in Columbia, South Caronlina. I participated in a Roundtable on Samuel Moyn's The Last Utopia. This book was discussed in APT's virtual reading group over the summer -- check out the blog.
October 2012 I edited a special issue of Polity (vol. 44, no. 4) entitled Deepening Democracy. You can check it out online or read my introduction here.
April 2012 The American Political Science Association released Democratic Imperatives: Innovations in Rights, Participation, and Economic Citizenship, the Report of the Task Force on Democracy, Economic Security, and Social Justice in a Volatile World. (I chaired the Task Force and was lead author of the report.) Read the report.
March 2012 I attended a workshop in Melbourne on the topic of "How can theories of global justice and democracy get real? Problems of power and domination in normative international political theory." I presented a paper entitled "Idealism, Realism, and Human Rights."
Fall 2011

My paper 'The New Sovereigntist Challenge for Global Governance: Democracy without Sovereigntyā€¯ (with Stacy Bondanella Taninchev), was published in International Studies Quarterly. Learn more here.

Spring 2011 Palgrave published Human Rights in the 21st Century: Continuity and Change since 9/11, a book I co-edited iwth Anja Mihr. More information here.
January 2011. My article, "Democratic Accountability in Global Politics: Norms, not Agents" was published in the Journal of Politics. Learn more here.