Star Trek Models

New (nov 2020) - Large enterprise model NCC-1701

Ship is 10 foot long, 5 feet wide, and 3 ft tall.

This is my 1:768 scale model of the Enterprise

I have added more enterprise photos


LDRAW Plans.

I also made the scout and transport tug varients from the technical manual. I have an above view and an under view. The Scout is a primary hull with one engine where the secondary hull was, and the tug is a primary hull with 2 engines hung below. The transport containers would attach where the secondary hull would be. The TT is blue just for some variety (and all my white bricks being used in another project)

A Minifigure scale model of a small starship

This model was built using plans generated by using a eliptical plot of x*x/a*a + y*y/b*b + z*z/c*c <= 1. The program generated a layer by layer ascii plot of studs, with the number of stud and the starting point from the center axis. It comes in two pieces, more by choice than design. The color scheme was chosen so as to use as many bricks as possible. The posts to R.T.L about the color scheme are interesting. It's about 110 bricks long, 100 wide, and 14 thick. Real world meassures about 1/4 the size of the enterprize, or 200 ft long, 100 ft wide.

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