I have built a MF scale (1:48) space shuttle. The model has a 62 block wing span, is 70 blocks high (long), and weighs about 9 or 10 pounds. The cabin and cargo bay are a 14 x 14 octagon.

I used Yellow and white for the top, and blue/ black for the bottom. I didn't take pictures of the bottom. The hinges for the cargo doors are from the solar snooper set. I used 40 of them, plus 2 for the side of the cabin(see MFSSS6.BMP). The cabin is a bit larger than the real shuttle, due to the use of steep sloped bricks for the cone.

The photos were taken with 400 asa film, 35 mm one step camera. They were taken outside on a sunny day at about 5 pm est. The shadows are caused by the railing post. Unfotunately, they came out alot darker than I expected. Next time I'll make sure there are no shadows. I have removed all but these two pictures due to space problems.

Photo #4 rear/port side. Engines are 3 collapsible camping cups I picked up at a Paper MArt. You can see the cabin window and airlock door at the far end of the cargo bay. The OMS engines are 4 2x2 round bricks.

Photo #10 front/top one door open. There's a prone MF in the cargo bay.

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