George A. Krause

        Professor of Political Science
           4442 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
           Department of Political Science
           University of Pittsburgh
           230 South Bouquet Street
           Pittsburgh, PA 15260
           (412) 648-7278 (Office Phone)
           (412) 648-7277 (Dept. Fax)


George A. Krause is a Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He earned a B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh in April 1988. He also earned an M.A. degree in Economics (1990), M.A. degree in Political Science (1993), and a Ph.D. degree in Political Science (1994) from West Virginia University. His general research interests lie in the fields of American Politics, Political Economics, and Quantitative Methods. His substantive research interests center on both organizational and institutional approaches to the study of Public Bureaucracy, U.S. Executive Politics, Political Economics, and Decision Making in both Political and Policymaking Environments. Current research projects focus on analyzing the tension between political responsiveness and bureaucratic reputations in the administrative state, the exercise of executive authority; fiscal policymaking in both U.S. federal and state governments; the consequences of government capacity for understanding both policy outputs and outcomes; and intertemporal decision making processes.