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Flash Dance

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Dirty Dancing

Everyone Says I Love You - Woody Allen


ALL THAT JAZZ A glittery, surrealistic musical by Bob Fosse. Roy Scheider is a demanding musical director trying to find meaning in his work and his life. Dazzling dance numbers. Includes appearances by Ben Vereen, Jessica Lange and Ann Reinking. 123 min. (1979)

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS The dancing of Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron, a classic score by George Gershwin and the romantic settings of the City of Lights make for a timeless musical delight. Winner of six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, 113 min. (1951)

THE BAND WAGON A super MGM musical! it's a tune filled tale about a has been movie star who takes to Broadway to find a new career. Songs include "Dancing in the Dark," "Shine on Your Shoes," and "That's Entertainment." Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse, Jack Buchanan. 112 mins. (1953)

THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' final screen pairing is also a deft spoof of their public image, as they portray a popular but endlessly bickering husband and wife dance team. Includes the reprise of "They Can't Take That Away From Me" and the "Shoes with Wings On" number. Oscar Levant also stars. 109 mins. (1949)

BRIGADOON Gene Kelly and Van Johnson witness the awakening of a magical Scottish village which comes alive every 100 years. Lerner and Loewe classic score. Cyd Charisse. 108 mins. (1954)

BROADWAY MELODY OF 1936 Bob Gordon is staging a new Broadway Show, but he is short of money. He gets an offer of money by the young widow Lilian, if she can dance in his new show. Bert Keeler, a paper man, gets this information and is writing about this in his column in an slight unfriendly way.  Gordon's old class mate Irene Forster, a tap dancer from Albany also tries to get the leading role in this show, but Lilian insistes in getting this part herself. So Irene Forster, Bert Keeler and Gordon's secretary Kitty start a little game to get Irene the leading role. Stars include Eleanor Powell, Jack Benny, Vilma and Buddy Ebsen, and Robert Taylor. Choreographer Dave Gould won an Academy Award. Black and white.
[Story synopsis from Web Film Database Server.]

BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938 Stars include Eleanor Powell, George Murphy, Judy Garland andBuddy Ebsen. Black and white.

BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940 Top flight entertainment highlighted by a marvelous Cole porter score ("Begin the Beguine"), exciting Fred Astaire Eleanor Powell dance numbers, and some hilarious skits. Also stars George Murphy, Frank Morgan and Ian Hunter. Choreographer is Bobby Connelly who was responsible for the musical numbers in the "Wizard of Oz." 102 min. Black and white.(1940)
 [Comments: The tap routines in this film really cook! Eleanor and Fred are well matched in tap. Their routine/challenge to Begin the Beguine is a classic. (PJC)]

THE COTTON CLUB (1984) Francis Ford Coppola's lavish recreation of the famed Harlem nightclub and the gang lords wo went there is a reiveting daram highlighted with a nostalgic jazz score. Richard Gere is a musician (trumpet, doing his own playing!) mixed up with the mob. Diane Lane is the boss' girl he falls for. With Gregory and Maurice Hines, Bob Hoskins and Fred Gwynne. 127 mins.
[Comments: Features Maurice and Gregory Hines as a brother tap duo and a visit to the "Hoofers Club" where Honi Coles (as 'Sugar') presides. Greg also does a great a capella solo and stair dance as counterpoint to gunfire. Tap choreography by Henry LeTang and 'improvography' by Gregory Hines for his solos. (PJC)

DADDY LONG LEGS (1955) Lavish, dance filled extravaganza starring Leslie Caron as a French orphan whose schooling is sponsored by an anonymous American millionaire, played by Fred Astaire. The, millionaire's secretary persuades her boss to visit the girl, and romance soon blooms. Terry Moore, Thelma Ritter costar; songs include "Something's Got to Give." 128 mins. (1955)

FOLLOW THE FLEET Fred's a gum chewing sailor, Ginger's a danceh all hostess, and they dance together to some of Irvin Berlin's best loved songs, including "Let Yourself Go" and "We Saw the Sea." Costars Betty Grable, Randolph Scott; look quickly for Lucille Ball. 110 mins. (1936)

FOOTLIGHT PARADE One of Busby Berkeley's best, featuring out of this world musical numbers and songs like "Honeymoon Hotel," "By a Waterfall," and "Shanghai Lil." James Cagney is a down and out stage producer who tries his hand at supendous dance numbers. Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell costar. 105 mins. (1933)

FLYING DOWN TO RIO The credits in this breezy musical may list  Dolores Del Rio first, but Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers steal the show in their first film together. Features the classic "Carioca" number  and dozens of chorus girls dancing on the wings of airplanes "in midair." 89 min. (1933)
[Comments: Great tap number by the Nicholas Brothers also. (PJC)]

THE GAY DIVORCEE There's dancing in the divorce court with Astaire and Rogers doing "Night and Day," "The Continental," and more. Co stars Betty Grable and Edward Everett Horton in one of Hollywood's glossiest productions. 107 mins. (1934)

HOLIDAY INN Irving Berlin's musical trip through the calendar  featuring the film debut of the song "White Chrismas." Bing Crosby is an  entertainer who tires of the stage life and buys a country inn to relax,  only to find he can't escape show biz, especially when hoofer Fred  Astaire tries to woo Bing's girl. 101 mins. (1942)

HOORAY FOR LOVE   film partnered Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and  Jeni Le Gon, pioneering female tapper. If you see this one on TV or  cable, tape it! (Not in Movies Unlimited. catalog.)

IT'S ALWAYS FAIR WEATHER   Gene Kelly film comedy. Three  soldiers meet 10 years after their last meeting in New York again, and  find out, that they have litte in common now. (Follow up to "On the  Town.") Includes Gene doing a street tap number in roller skates.  102mins. (1955)

JUST AROUND THE CORNER (1938)   When her architect/father  loses his job, it's up to little Shirley Temple to talk a miserly tycoon into  creating new jobs to help out Depression riddled America. Winning  musical tale also stars Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Charles Farrell, Bert  Lahr. Songs include "I'll Be Lucky With You", "I'm Not Myself Today".  One of four films featuring Shirley and "Bojangles". 70mins. (1938)

THE LITTLE COLONEL (1935)   One of Shirley Temple's best loved  films, with the million dollar moppet playing peacemaker between her  ex Confederate officer grandfather and her mother, who married a  Yankee. Features the classic "stair dance" between Temple and Bill  "Bojangles" Robinson. One of four films featuring Shirley Temple and  "Bojangles" Robinson. [Note: the Internet Movie Database lists a 1925  silent film of the same title.] (1935)

THE LITTLEST REBEL   When her father is arrested by Union  soldiers and wrongly sentenced to death as a Confederate spy, singing  Southeren belle Shirley Temple goes all the way to President Lincoln to  save his live. Features John Bolles, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. 73 mins.  (1935)

ON THE TOWN   Three sailors   Gene Kelly, Jules Munshin and  Frank Sinatra   on shore leave for 24 hours in the Big Apple get  involved with three local gals. This was the first of the three musicals  made by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen for MGM and marked Kelly's  succession as the number one star of Hollywood dance. [1 hr. 38 mins.  1949 Color] [Comments: There is also a Related Web page with more information  on this film. PJC]

PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (1981) With drive and dexterity, Steve  Martin triumphs as Arthur Parker, a Depression era sheet music  salesman doomed forever to believe in the lyrics of the songs he sells.  Though life steadily worsens for him and his schoolteacher mistress  (Bernadette Peters), he goes on believing it's still just a bowl of  cherries  even when he's got nothing but the pits. Pauline Kael of the  New Yorker said, "Extraordinary. The most emotional musical I've ever  seen." Choreography by Danny Daniels featuring top notch numbers and  an electrifying dance solo by Christopher Walken. [From video jacket]  1 hr. 48 mins., 1981 Color.  [Comments: While this film is definitely a darkly moody  musical, There are several great musical numbers. Christopher Walken does an  amazing strip routine while tapping to "Let's Misbehave." The film also  has Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters tapping in a big production  number. PJC]

REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM (1938)   It's not really  based on the classic story, but this tale of a child's becoming a radio star  is a must see for Shirley Temple fans. Little Shirley sings "Crackly Corn  Flakes", "Old Straw Hat", and a medley that includes "Good Ship  Lollipop." Also stars Randolph Scott, Jack Haley and Bill Robinson.  One of four films featuring Shirley Temple and Bill "Bojangles"  Robinson. 80 mins. (1938)

ROBERTA The lively dancing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers  highlights this Jerome Kern Otto Harbach musical, set in Paris and  featuring Irene Dunn and Randolph Scott. Look for an unknown Lucille  Ball in the fashion show sequence! Score includes "Smoke Gets In Your  Eyes," and "Lovely to Look At." 105 mins. (1935)

ROYAL WEDDING   Fred Astaire and Jane Powell are a  brother/sister team performing in England during Queen Elizabeth II's  coronation and finding romance along the way. Includes the amazing  sequence of Fred dancing on the walls and ceiling of his hotel room.  This is the complete 93 min MGM print. (1951)  [Comments: In addition to the scene with Fred dancing up the walls  and across the ceiling he also tap dances with gym equipment including a  hatrack. (PJC)]

SHALL WE DANCE A fine George Gershwin score that includes  "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" and "They All laughed" highlights this  Astaire Rogers tale of a dancing duo who pretend to be newlyweds.  116 mins. (1937)

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald  O'Connor star in what is probably the most famous and best loved of all  screen musicals. Set in Hollywood at the end of the silent era, the film  features such classic numbers as "Make 'Em Laugh," "Broadway Ballet"  and the title tune. Newly remastered version features the original  recorded soundtrack, the theatrical trailer, rare outtakes, Reynolds'  rendition of "You Are My Lucky Star" and original poster art  packaging. 103 mins. (1952)

STAGE DOOR Classic comedy drama centers around lives of women  in theatrical boarding house and their dreams of stardom. Katharine  Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Lucille Ball and Ann Miller head a top cast.  92 mins. (1937)

STEPPING OUT (1991) High stepping musical drama starring Liza  Minnelli as a failed Broadway dancer who gives tap dance (and life)  lessons to a group of people in and old church. The're put on the spot  when asked to dance in a benefit, but the difficult practice sessions bring  the troupe together. Shelly Winters, Ellen Greene, Julie Walters co star.  112 min. (1991).

STORMY WEATHER (1943)   One of mainstream Hollywood's rare  all black musicals, showcasing Bill "Bojangles" Robinson's dancing and  Lena Horne's singing and a romantic subplot. Also features Fats Waller,  Cab Calloway and his orchestra, the Nicholas Brothers and Dooley  Wilson ("Casablanca.") 77 mins. (1943)  [Comments: Minimal dancing by Bojangles, unfortunately. He has one  number tapping across some drums. The Nicholas Brothers are  amazing. Their portion includes running up the wall and landing in a split,  furious tapping everywhere and leap frogging each other into splits  coming down a set of huge stairs, all in tuxedos. This film is also great if  you're a Lena Horne fan...(PJC)]

SWING TIME   Delightful film features Fred and Ginger as a successful  dance team whose budding romance is hampered by the girl Fred left  back home (Betty Furness.) The Jerome Kern music includes "Pick  Yourself Up" and "A Fine Romance." 103 mins. (1935)

TAP (1989)   Gregory Hines, Sammy Davis, Jr. and some legendary  hoofers star in a rousing dance showcase about a second generation  tapper and paroled jewel thief who's torn between the stage an returning  to his lavish life of crime. A throwback to those classic MGM musical,  costarring Suzzanne Douglas. Choreography by Henry LeTang and  Gregory Hines. Written and directed by Nick Castle. 115 mins. (1989)

[Comments: The sequence of tappers in the "Challenge" scene is:  Arthur Duncan, Bunny Briggs, Jimmy Slyde, Steve Condos, Harold  Nicholas, Sandman Sims and finally Sammy Davis, Jr. and Gregory  Hines. The Shim Sham Girls in the nightclub scene are: Suzanne  Douglas, Jane Goldberg, Dorothy Wasserman, Dianne Walker and  Frances Neely. (PJC)]

TOP HAT   What is arguably the best of the Astaire Rogers musicals  features a classic Irving Berlin score, including "Cheek to Cheek" and  "Isn't It A Lovely Day to Be Caught In the Rain?" Fred and Ginger at  their graceful best. 97 mins. (1935)

WHITE CHRISTMAS   Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye star as former  Army buddies and Broadway producers who head to Vermont to a ski  lodge run by their former CO. Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen also  star. Irving Berlin score. 120 mins. (1954)

WHITE NIGHTS (1985)   We have a film, we have an awesome film.  Mikhail Baryshnikov stars as a defected Soviet ballet star who is  recaptured when his plane crashes in Russia. Eager to escape to the  West, he plans a daring secape with an American dancer (Gregory  Hines) living in Russia. Costars Jerzy Skolimowski, Helen Mirren. 135  mins. (1985)