1. Choose a topic about dance which you wish to write about.  A dance company, the history of a particular genre of dance, dance in education, dance in film, the hip-hop phenomena, the dance of death in mideval Europe, country-line dancing, Fred and Ginger's dance collaborations, philosophy of dance, dance and technology are all examples of the kind of topics you could use.

  2. The topic you wish to write about must be cleared with the instructor.

  3. Your paper must be typed, preferably using a computer program, and must be between 5-6 pages in length.  That does not include the title page, the reference page, or any photocopies of pictures or illustrations.

  4. The margins should be no larger than 1" on the sides and 1" on the top and bottom.  Please double space except for direct quotes which are over two lines long, these must be single spaced.

  5. Do not average more than one quote per page.  That means if you have 6 pages then you may have no more that six direct quotes.  Use quotes no longer than 5 lines.

  6. You must have a minimum of 5 references from which you have taken material for your paper.  Encyclopedias, the internet and your textbook are not acceptable references.  Please use APA format for references.


      Anna Pavlova's dancing has been described as "the most ethereal, fantastical and unearthly in her portrayal of the dying swan."  (Martin, et.al, 1915, p.123)

      Hanna, T. (1989).  Twyla Tharp, Horizon Books Inc., NY.

  7. Your paper should contain a significant central idea that is clearly defined.  The theme should be clear and it should progress logically with effectively developed paragraphs.  Back up statements you make with examples and/or references.

  8. 15% of your grade will be based on following these guidelines exactly and 85% of your grade is based on the content, grammar, and development of your paper.

  9. Check for typographical errors and spelling!