1. You may use this form as a guide to help you direct your observations.  Please detail where possible and use examples to substantiate your observations.
  2. Describe the class.  What is the age group and number of students?  What level of skill is the class?
  3. Describe the facility and equipment.  Where is the class held?  What kind of, if any, equipment is used?
  4. Describe the class organization.  How are the students organized?  Do the students move from one activity to another easily?  Is there music?  Is there an accompanist or is some other type of musical accompaniment used?  Is there a special format as to how the class is organized, i.e., do they begin with a warm-up, do combinations of movements on center floor and then end by moving across the floor?  Do the students need a lot or a little direction from the teacher?  Do the students work independently?  Are the students spending much or little time on task?
  5. Describe the class content.  What are they supposed to be doing, and are they doing it?  Are they enjoying what they're doing, and do they know why they're doing these activities?  Are the students bored or interested in the subject?  Are the students eager to participate?  What is the attitude of the students as they leave the class?
  6. Describe the teacher/student interaction.  How does the teacher present the information to the class?  Is there a warm-up or introduction to the activity?  Does the teacher provide feedback (positive, negative or neutral remarks, demonstrations, suggestions for improved performance?)  How would you rate the teacher/students rapport?  How does the teacher end the class?
  7. Remarks.  What is your overall impression of the class?  Is there any special incident, activity or feeling that stands out for you?  Would you have like to have been in that class as a student?