1. The critique should contain the name of the video/film, when you viewed it and the choreographer's name.  Failure to include this information will result in a 10 point reduction.
  2. Discuss the amount of choreography in the film and how and why it is included in the film.  Does it carry the plot or is it non-essential to the plot?  What type of dance forms are included in the choreography?  Is the film a musical in format or something else? i.e. "Carousel" vs. "Flashdance."  Does the choreography tie into the theme of the film?  What kind of music is used?  Did the dances have literal meaning or were they conceptual, i.e. expressing a mood, emotion, kinesthetic or qualitative feeling?
  3. I'm interested in your impression of the film.  The above elements are only tools to help you describe the film dance.  You will be graded on the clarity with which you state your opinion.  Try not to give too much detail in describing the film plot.  Spend the time describing the actual dances/dancers/choreography and how they tie into the film.
  4. The critique should be 2 typewritten pages and is due within a week of seeing them.  You will remember the film/video much better if you write the critique soon after you see it.