Course & Number:      Introduction to Dance 0060

Term/Date:                 00-2

Instructor:                   Susan Gillis Kruman


Address: 110 Trees Hall
Phone: 648-8262
Office Hours: M - W 10:30-12:00pm

Course Materials

Study Guide: Study Guide for HPRED 0060

Textbooks: Copeland and Cohen.  What is Dance?  Readings in Theory and Criticism.    Oxford University Press, 1983.


Students should be prepared to physically participate in class.  Come dressed to move.

Workshop #1 - January 15, 9:30am
In this workshop we will perform simple movements to warm-up our bodies and our minds and explore basic rhythmic movement.  The focus of the workshop will be on primitive and ancient dance.  In small groups we will create our own primitive, ritual dances which will be performed for the group. A video on ancient dance is shown.

Workshop #2 - February 19. 9:30am
Continuing with the theme of movement exploration we will perform a dance warm-up and move into small group projects based on Greek choral movement and folk dance.  We will create our own "Greek Chorus Rap Dance" and "Contemporary Folk Dance" to be viewed by the group. A video on early ballet dance is shown.

Workshop #3 - April 1, 9:30am
We begin with simple movements to warm-up and tune in.  The focus of small group projects will be on turn of the century movement and 20th century modern movement.  "Tableaux vivant," and "chance dance" will be the themes for our dance projects.  Slide showing and additional video shorts will be shown.

Room & Time: Trees Hall Dance Studio, 9:30am

Date: January 15, 2000

Date: February 19, 2000

Date: April 1, 2000

Course Requirements

The percentage points given represent the maximum number of points that can be received for each item. 
Attendance and participation in first workshop and a second workshop   (10pts each) 20pts
Students can receive an additional 10pts by attending a third workshop 10pts
Two critiques of live, professional dance performances (refer to performance list/10pts each) 20pts
One critique of a dance film (refer to video list) 5pts
One written observation of a dance class 5pts
Three quizzes (10pts each) 30pts
One mid-term topic paper 10pts 
One on-line exam 10pts