Scott-Wray Cemetery

Scott/Wray Cemetery

Carolyn Scott Gatewood, and George Gatewood * 2013

Jackson County History Centere

The Scott/Wray cemetery is located on the farm of Mr. Joe Pafenberg, a descendant of the Wray family1, at GPS coordinates of + 38.892390, -86.2612225 degrees. The enclosure is 62 feet long in an East-West direction and 40 feet wide in North-South. This private cemetery was active for at least 67 years and includes the markers of approximately three dozen members of at least ten families. By its size alone it is evident that the Cemetery is unusual for a private cemetery. On investigation it becomes clear that it is even more unusual in that it chronicles the lives and sorrows of two of Indiana’s pioneer families.

The site for the Cemetery, overlooking small streams on three sides, was chosen in 1819 when Benjamin Scott’s son James died within a year of their arrival2. The Cemetery is located on the east end of the land2,3 awarded to Sgt. Benjamin Scott for his service in the Revolutionary War4,5. The Cemetery would seem to have developed around the friendshipa,b of Benjamin Scott, his neighbor Milburn Hobson3, and their families. The Scott familyc sold the half of the land on which the Cemetery is located to John W. Hobson6 in 18507 just before John Scott’s death. Activity of the Scott family in the Cemetery diminished dramatically after that date but the markers of the Hobson family6,d can be found as late as 1873. Scott family markers dated later than 1854 can be found in the nearby Clearspring Cemetery where a direct descendant of the Scotts was buried as recently as 19968. The latest marker in the Scott/Wray Cemetery is that of Martha Wray dated 1886 who is buried next to her husband, Vandover Wray. Her son20 Oregan Wray bought the land in 186614. The land has remained in the Wray family and their descendents since that time.

In 1990 Dobbs9 reported on the Scott/Wray Cemetery noting many of the markers listed below and two that may still be covered up now. We learned the exact location of the cemetery from Mrs. Carolyn Pafenberg Davis, a Wray descendant, in 2003 and took the before photos included below. In early 2011, Mr. Joe Pafenberg, her brother, invited us to help improve the site. To exclude large animals, 6 inch diameter treated fence poles with 10 foot gates were placed around the site. We also joined some of the Pafenberg family in establishing a small farm account which, it is hoped, will earn sufficient funds for the maintenance of the Scott/Wray Cemetery during the foreseeable future.

Notice the large trees in the before photos. These were removed with equipment operating at the ends of the Cemetery so as to not damage the markers. The fences surrounding the trees have been repaired and painted. The entire Cemetery is now surrounded with protective fencing. These photos span a decade. Before 1 , Before 2 , Before 3 , Before 4 , After 1 , After 2 , After 3 , After 4 , After 5 .

In the 20 years that had passed since the Dobb's Report almost all of the markers, none of which are standing, had once again become covered up. Days before our first 2011 visit, several members of the Pafenberg family carefully uncovered most of the markers. In this considerable effort they had found all but six of the markers noted in the Dobb’s Report and found eight that had been missed at that time. We returned to the site in June 2012 and found four of the missing markers from the Dobb’s Report (their photos have been added to this report). Although we probed wherever markers had not been found to a depth of 6 to 8 inches, we did not find any additional markers. When we were through we placed the markers back at ground level so that in a few years they will be covered again. This will help preserve the wording on the markers. We have included the coordinates of each marker so that they can be found in the future. It is certainly possible that we have missed a few markers. Many of the discovered stones are broken into relatively small parts and some of those found were nearly 8 inches deep. Nor did we attempt to probe on an exhaustive foot by foot pattern. But we probed carefully along the pattern suggested by the markers already found, probing in a foot by foot pattern near the probable locations of any additional markers. Comparing the results of Dobb’s search with that of the Pafenberg’s and ourselves suggests that the results are virtually complete. During 2013 we obtained an image of Milburn "Milbraim" Hobson's marker and added an identifying monument for the Cemetery, see After Image 5.

Mr. Pafenberg and his sister Mrs. Carolyn Davis have been extremely supportive of our efforts. The Pafenberg family has completed most of the work themselves and contributed most of the expenses. They are also concerned about the actions of well meaning but untrained visitors and have suggested that the Jackson County History Centere be consulted and that they manage such visits. It is hoped that the attached photos will satisfy most people in their efforts to identify ancestors.

We would like to thank Mrs. Carolyn Pafenberg Davis and Mr. Joe Pafenberg for inviting us to the cemetery and for letting us become part of the effort to preserve it.

a Benjamin and Milburn who lived across the road from each other were the senior members of their families with similar farms. They both came from Kentucky, at about the same time, where their families were probably separated by less than 60 miles. Their families buried both Benjamin and Milburn in the Scott/Wray Cemetery.

b Milburn signed as a witness to Benjamin’s application for his pension10. To do this he had to make the long trip to Brownstown.

c In two transactions11,12 the living children of Susannah (Samuel Scott, John P Scott, William Scott, Matilda (Scott) Wood11; and Malenda (Scott) Sutherland and Margaret (Scott) Croucher12) sold their rights to her second husband John Scott.

d Milburn Hobson’s wife Mary (Waskom) (Hobson) Stevens and her second husband Thomas Stevens sold the second half of the old Scott farm in 185313

e The Jackson County History Center has a small supply of CD's containing this report and higher resolution photographs. Jackson County History Center, 415 1/2 South Poplar Street, Brownstown, Indiana 47220-1939, (812) 358-2118,, Jackson County History Center


Information from the Scott / Wray Cemetery Markers

A photoe of each marker, as we found it, can be seen by clicking on the number assigned it in the following table. Because the stones are not standing, we have placed a small fiberglass marker at the east end of each stone and included the coordinates of the center of the stone on the right side of the table. The coordinates are given in feet from the north and east walls of the enclosure. Some stones seem to have no marks on them at all (marked blank 3 through 6 below). Two of the markers recorded by Dobbs9 have not been found. Also our photo of marker 11 was not satisfactory and waits our next visit.

# Reading of Marker, (comments in parentheses) Coordinates
1 ____, Sally Ann; d. 8/11/1854; age 34 years; 30.5 S, 8.3W
2 Croucher, Milton; d. 1/19/1846; age 10m, 13d; 7.3S, 45.3W
3 H., J.; (small undated marker) 18.7S, 17.5W
4 H., M.; (small undated marker) 31.5S, 10 W
5 H., M. H.; (small undated marker) 32 S, 2.5W
41 Flinn, J.H.; d. Sep. 18, 1864; 2.5S, 6 W
6 Hamilton, Mary Hanner; d/o Benj. G. & Parthena; 12/10/1854–8/14/1856; 31.5S, 2.3W
7 Hobson, Mary B.; d/o Julius and Marett; 3/3/1863 – 3/28/1863; 38 S, 23 W
8 Hobson, James Willson; d. 8/11/1824; age 6m, 17d; 19 S, 15 W
9 Hobson, Joseph; d. 1/11/1835; age 17y, 1m, 5d; 14.5S, 12 W
10. Hobson, Mary Elizabeth; d. 9/8/1844; age __y, 10m, 30d;
11 Hobson, Milbraim; d. 1/2/1839; age 45y, 11m, 1d; 9.3S, 14 W
12 Hobson, Millborn; s/o WmV & Maria Hobson; 1/6/1846 – 8/12/1852;
13 Hobson,Wm. ?; d. 10/12/1854; age 32yr, 9m, 19d; 34.7S, 19 W
14a Richards, Emily; d/o Wm C. and S.A. Richards; 26.3S, 4 W
14b ____, (lower part of above?); d. ??,31,18??; age 1y, 1m, 17d; 37 S, 13.5W
15 Richards, John; 3/4/1841 – 10/14/1841; 2.5S, 23 W
16 R., W.H.; (the small undated marker) 14.3S, 18.3W
17 S., A.; (second line of next marker) 11 S, 31 W
18 S., B.F.; (small undated marker, can still see the guide lines) 11 S, 31 W
19 S.S.; (small undated marker.) 36.7S, 4.5W
20 Scott, Alexander; d. 8/16/1835; age 4 y, on the left; 4.5S, 37.5W
21 Scott, Benjamin Franklin; d. 9/27/1838; age 10 y, on right; 4.5S, 37.5W
22 Scott, Benjamin; 10/5/1840, age 86: Scott, Sgt. Benjamin 1754–1840; 21 S, 23.5W
23 Scott, Jacob B; d. 8/18/1825; age 11m, 26d, on the left, (see markers 33 and 34) 16.5S, 33 W
24 Scott, James; s/o S&P Scott: d. 11/15/1854; age 25y, 6m, 3d; 16 S, 42.7W
25 Scott, James; 1781 – 1819: (replacement stone) 16 S, 25.5W
26 John Scott; d. 12/8/1850; age 71y, 2m, 26d: Scott, John: 1779-1850; 17 S, 36 W
27 Scott, Nancy; d. November 1822 age 69 yr: Scott Nancy: 1760–1829; (Date Error) 21 S, 23.5W
28 Scott, Samuel; d. ?/4/1849; age 41 y, 2m, 7d; 18 S, 46.5W
29 Scott, Samuel Thornton; d. 7/23/1846; age 9m, 6d; 15.3S, 48.7W
30a Scott, Susannah; “Wife of John Scott”: (original marker); 15 S, 23 W
30b Scott, Susannah; 1788 – 1850, (with 1st Husband James, replacement stone); 16 S, 25.5W
31 Stevens, Mary; 7/3/1797 – 7/11/1873; 19.5S, 13 W
32 Unknown; (large marker with more than 10 lines of fine illegible writing) 14.3S, 18.3W
33 Scott, son; b & d. 1/5/1826; 16.5S, 33 W
34 Scott, son; b & d. Oct. 1829; 16.5S, 33 W
35. Waskom, Pearson; 5/17/1843;
36 Wray, Artemesey; d/o V&M Wray: 4/7/1852 – 4/19/1853;
37 Wray, Martha; w/o V. Wray: 4/2/1819 – 4/15/1886;
38 Wray, Eld Vandover; 4/12/1812 – 12/9/1857;
39 Zollman, Nancy Jane; d/o N.J.& H.Zollman: 12/27/1843 – 8/3/1845; 18.5S, 12 W
40 Zollman, Nancy Jane; 5/26/1825 - 1/8/1844; 25 S, 15 W
B3 Blank; 11.5S, 7 W
B4 Blank; 14 S, 32 W
B5 Blank; 10.7S, 37 W
B6 Blank; 16.7S, 45.5W

Team members and descendants: Mrs. Carolyn Davis , Mr. Joe Pafenberg , Mrs. Carolyn Scott Gatewood


Analysis of Markers in Chronological Order

The photos of the markers attached to this report illustrate that there have been times in its almost 200 year history that the Cemetery has suffered periods of neglect. While some of the markers remain easy to read most are broken and some of them have been moved. In an attempt to better identify some of the individuals that the markers represent we have examined their relationship to those more easily identified. For example, Marker #12 led us to the 1850 Census and the possibility that “Milborn” was Milburn the son of William V and Maria Hobson as stated on “Milborn’s” marker. In a time when many could not read or write there were many misspellings by those keeping the records. His age matched that implied by the census26. This suggested that the initial on Marker #13 was a V and thus probably that of the 6 year-old’s father. Again the dates matched that implied by the census. If so then Marker #11’s “Milbraim” was almost certainly Milburn Hobson the boy’s grandfather who died on the date listed on his marker9 and would have been of the age listed there6. Further, Milburn Hobson had a son William V. Hobson and had a farm across the road from Benjamin Scott’s farm3. Examination of known members of Milburn’s family led to the identification of several other individuals who are related by marriage.

Year # Comments and Observations
1819 25 James Scott, s/o Benjamin and Nancy Scott; 1st husband of Susannah (Zike) Scott
1822 27 Nancy Scott, w/o Benjamin, maiden name unknown. *Note* the original marker gives her life span as 1753 – 1822, so the replacement marker is incorrect.
1824 8 James Wilson Hobson, s/o Milburn and Mary (Waskom) Hobson6, markers #12 and #31
1825 23 Jaccob B Scott, s/o John and Susannah (Zike) Scott15
1826 33 s/o John and Susannah (Zike) Scott. Marker shared with Jaccob B Scott.15
1829 34 s/o John and Susannah (Zike) Scott. Marker shared with Jaccob B Scott.15
1835 21 Alexander Scott, s/o John and Susannah (Zike) Scott15
1835 9 Joseph Hobson, s/o Milburn and Mary (Wascom) Hobson6
1838 20 Benjamin Franklin Scott, s/o John and Susannah (Zike) Scott15
1839 11 Milburn Hobson, 1/2/1793 - 1/2/1839; s/o William and Sarah (Milburn) Hobson6; spouse of Mary (Waskom22) Hobson
1840 22 Sgt. Benjamin Scott, Revolutionary War5, s/o Benjamin and Mary (Dele’) Scott15, spouse of Nancy (unknown) Scott
184? 14 Emily Richards: d/o William Clark Richards and Sally Ann (Hobson6,16) Richards, marker #1
1841 15 John Richards, probably s/o William Clark Richards and Sally Ann (Hobson) Richards, marker #1
1843 35 Pearson (Pierson) Waskom, 3/6/1799 – 5/17/1843, s/o William Waskom and Mary Elizabeth (Pierson) Waskom17, brother of Mary Waskom6 (Hobson-Stevens) marker #31
1844 10 Mary Elizabeth Hobson, d/o Milburn and Mary (Waskom) Hobson6 (She was almost 10.)
1844 40 Nancy Jane Zollman, d/o Milborn and Mary (Waskom) Hobson, w/o Henry Zollman18
1845 39 Nancy Jane Zollman, d/o Henry and Nancy Jane (Hobson) Zollman
1846 2 Millton Croucher, s/o James W. and Margaret (Scott18,24,25) Croucher
1846 29 Samuel Thornton Scott, s/o Samuel and Parmelia (Haggard18) Scott15
1849 28 Samuel Scott, 10/28/1808-1/4/1849,s/o James and Susannah (Zike) Scott15, spouse of Parmelia (Haggard18) Scott11
1850 28 John Scott, s/o Benjamin and Nancy (unknown) Scott8,11,12, Husband of Susannah (Zike) Scott
1850 26 Susannah (Zike) Scott, 9/26/1788 – 12/7/1852, d/o Jacob Zike (Zeig) and Katherine Lucinda (Avey) Zike15 ,w/o of James and then John Scott
1852 12 Milburn Hobson, s/o William V and Maria (Mooreg) Hobsonh
1853 36 Artemesey Wray: d/o Vandover and Martha (Sutherland) Wray20
1854 1 Sally Ann ?, Sally Ann (Hobson) Richards, 8/27/1819 – 8/11/1854 (date and age on marker), d/o Milburn and Mary (Waskom) Hobson or Sally Ann Scott d/o Samuel and Parmelia (Haggard) Scott. Sally Ann Scott died the same year but other dates are wrong and the marker is not similar to that of her brother James who died 3 months later
1854 24 James Scott: s/o Samuel and Parmelia (Haggard18) Scott
1854 13 Willam V. Hobson, 12/23/1821-10/3/1853, s/o Milburn and Mary (Waskom) Hobson6, spouse of Maria T. (Moore6,g,h)
1856 6 Mary Hanner Hamilton: d/o Benjamin G. and Parthena (Scott8,15) Hamilton
1857 38 Elder Vandover (Vandever) Wray, s/o Elias and Mary (Thurmond) Wray20, spouse of Martha Wray19
1863 7 Hobson, Mary B.: d/o Julius and Marett (unknown) Hobson6,21
1864 41 Flinn, J.H., has the only marker in the Cemetery for whom we can not find a family connection. We note that he died during the Civil War and that his marker is not done professionally. Allexander, a grandson of Sgt. Benjamin Scott, served in the Union army. Perhaps there is some connection.
1873 31 Mary Stevens, d/o William and Mary Elizabeth (Pierson) Waskom6, w/o Milburn Hobson, later w/o Thomas Stephens22
1886 37 Martha Wray, d/o M Silas and Sarah Sally “Granny White”20 (Cummins) Sutherland19, w/o Vandover (Vandever) Wray23

Small markers, with only two or three initials, maybe those of young children of these families. Several initial sets match those of known infants. They may also be associated with later markers for those childern, for example #17 and #18 may be associated with #20 and #21.

g Cindella Moore, age 13, is living with her sister Maria Hobson and William V. Hobson in the 1850 census23

h As noted above, Milburn’s marker listed him as “Milbraim”9 but the proximity of his farm3, the perfect match of the dates, and the presence of the markers of his son and grandson are convincing. After his death his wife Mary (Waskom) Hobson marries Thomas Stevens22 and we get a perfect match for the date of her death, see marker photo #31. The burial sites for both Milburn and His wife Mary were unknown before this report and those for other members of the family were thought to be in Hamilton Twp. Their daughter is Nancy Jane (Zollman)6, marker #40, and their son is William V Hobson6, marker #13.


Sources and References

Where we could find them we have used data from original records. However, much of the information available from before the 1850 Census has not been digitized and we have had to rely on the work of others.

1 Carolyn (Pafenberg) Davis, personal communication, July, 2011

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* Carolyn Scott Gatewood is a descendant of Sgt. Benjamin Scott. Carolyn and George Gatewood are members of the Cherokee County Historical Society of Canton Georgia and the Jackson County History Center of Brownstown Indiana

There are 3 sizes of each photo on the disk available at the Jackson County History Center. Copies at each resolution are found in the "Scott Wray Cemetery Report" folder. This website uses the medium resolution photos in the subfolder "Smaller Size".

Our analysis of the markers found at the Cemetery are our best estimates at this time. They are only estimates and are infact often based upon information that is in itself only the best estimates of others. If you have new information and would like to help us improve this document please eMail it to us at


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