A Quick Guide to Creating Your First World-Wide-Web Home Page at Pitt

(including a hyperlink to a second page)

Dennis Galletta
January 13, 1995
revised January 6, 1998

The first step in developing your first simple home page is to become oriented to your current environment. We will focus on getting started quickly.

What you need: You need to have two simultaneous system sessions: one on your Unix account and one on Netscape or Internet Explorer so that you can see it work. Without Windows, you'll need to start with your Unix account and hope that everything works before you get around to test it using Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Getting Started: Find your icons

Start the programs

A second page

  • Save this document by pressing CTRL-O and then press ENTER.
  • ALT-TAB back to your browser and go to your new page, which has the address:http://www.pitt.edu/~abcst123/commerce.html
  • It should appear as follows:

    Hypertext reference

    If you get this far