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Please fill out this nonanonymous form for each offer you receive for academic year 2014-2015.

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You are advised to make sure that you are not breaking any policies of your new employer. Tell your contact that the information will be held in the strictest of confidence by a volunteer Certified Public Accountant (me) who maintains the site personally with no helpers whatsoever. The information that allows me to verify your identity will only be accessible by me. This site is using simple hand-made HTML with a CGI script. You can inspect the complete HTML code.

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In what year will/did you start your position?

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Number of years teaching experience you have, on an FTE (full-time equivalent) basis (for example, two years of half-time teaching as a doctoral student would count as one year).

Your educational background

About Your Publications

Remember: all fields are optional! We'll take what we can get!

Number of journal publications accepted (both in print and forthcoming) in journals in this list: (MISQ, CACM, ISR, Management Science, JMIS, Decision Sciences, IEEE Transactions, HBR, JAIS, EJIS, ISJ) (these are journals appearing in the top 10 of over half of the scales shown in the Saunders compilation here on AISWorld, listed above in the order in which they appear in the Saunders list. We are also including the original 6 journals in the Senior Scholars' Basket of journals; next year we will enter all eight from http://aisnet.org/?SeniorScholarBasket)

Number of journal publications accepted in other refereed journals in MIS not listed above (include chapters in refereed research books)

Number of textbooks published or forthcoming

Number of research-oriented (NOT text) books published or forthcoming

Number of publications accepted in other outlets (include refereed conferences and chapters in non-refereed books)

About The Offer:

Remember: all fields are optional! We'll take what we can get!

Name of school offering the position (will not show up on the list; this item will be used to produce an average of the Business Week "top 50," perhaps a "next 50," and "other")

Base Salary (exclusive of summer support) in US $. Those with 12-month contracts (usually due to administrative duties) should not perform contrived calculations to derive summer support and should report the entire salary here. Please do not enter text here.

Guaranteed annual summer support in US $

---for years

Annual discretionary research budget (including travel, technology, and optional secretarial services, but not including required items such as course software, basic telephone, and copying). If not specified separately, estimate the maximum travel and technology that would reasonably be supported without special requests (or appeals).

Moving expense reimbursements or signing bonuses in US $

Annual teaching load in courses (semester-course equivalents) defined as number of 3-credit semester courses to be taught. A 3-credit course counts for roughly 3 hrs/week, so 15 weeks = nominally 45 hours per course inclusive of breaks. In practice, taking breaks will limit class time to about 50 minutes per class hour, or 2.5 hours per week (37.5 teaching hours per semester). Thus, a 2+2 load at a semester-based school would involve approximately 180 nominal hours (inclusive of breaks) or 150 teaching hours (exclusive of breaks), and would be entered as 4. If you are not on the standard semester system, please divide the number of nominal hours including breaks by 45, or divide the number of teaching hours excluding breaks by 37.5, for a fairly clear answer to this question. If the two differ, please use the latter. Feel free to use decimals in the answer, but please round to the nearest tenth.

Publication requirement for tenure at this institution (leave blank if there is no tenure system).

Note: For the following items, it is understandable that a school would indicate ranges rather than single numbers. Please take a midpoint of the range you're thinking of, and assume a mix of 33% "A" publications and 66% "other" in a hypothetical person's record. If ranges are provided, I will take the midpoint of each range

As best you can estimate, how many top-tier publications (see definition above) will be required for tenure?

As best you can estimate, how many publications overall (including the top-tier category) will be required for tenure?

Country of the offering school

(if U.S.), region of the U.S.

Position for this offer

Best describes this particular school's campus

Highest business/information science degree granted by the school that provides any meaningful resources to its MIS faculty.

The type of institution

Describes whether unionization affects salary offer

Highest accreditation of the school

Current status of this offer

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