Analysis of 1998 Results

Sent to IS World October 5, 1999

AIS, ISWORLD NET, and the University of Pittsburgh announce the results of last year's MIS Faculty Salary Survey, and the kickoff of the survey for the 1999-2000 academic year, both available at:


We appreciate the large number of entries (N=109) to last year's survey, still available as a link from the main survey page. The final result in Excel form is also available from that page with a little bit of analysis embedded in the spreadsheet. Somewhat arbitrarily, a maximum teaching load of 4 courses (3-credit equivalents) defined "research institutions," and those schools above 4 credits were labeled "teaching institutions."

The final results of the analysis of last year's data (with a little analysis):

Description Average for
Research institution
Teaching institution
Overall $68,702 $73,611 $65,143
Associate Professor $71,563 $78,500 $69,250
New Assistant Professor $67,569 $72,086 $64,523
Assistant Professor switching schools $70,679 $76,071 $65,286
Average summer support $8,426 $12,218 $5,694
Average teaching load 4.9 3.8 5.7

-0.527 Correlation between teaching load and salary
-0.534 Correlation between teaching load and summer support


This year, we are experimenting with a feature that will allow candidates to choose either an anonymous or non-anonymous (only to Dennis) entry. Anonymous submissions are certainly appreciated, but last year some deans stated that they did not wish to pay attention to anonymous data. It seems that we need a substantial body of verified/verifiable data for extending the impact of the survey. A non-anonymous entry will simply have an X in one of two columns of the new table (see the site for details).

Also, thanks to a large number of suggestions, several new items have been added to the survey to enable more thorough analysis of the data.

We hope you find the results from last year interesting and useful, and that we receive a large number of submissions once again this year.

Please send us your comments once again during the year.

Dennis, Reagan, and Gordon