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On the left are Mike & I with his QUICK DRAW and on the right, with my QUICK DRAW --- both are FLORIO fun fly planes -- a ball to fly.

Mike and crew with his J-3 Cub (top) and Mike & I with mine (bottom).

Top-Mike with his TIGER 2. Bottom-Mike & I with my EASY SPORT 40.

One of our new members, Dan Manning, getting some buddy-box flight time with our chief instructor Mike Campbell. Since this picture was taken, Dan has earned his PILOT'S patch when he soloed this past week in Feb '98.

Another new member, Dick Mix logging some buddy-box time with Mike Campbell.

Another new member, Bob Cooney getting some buddy-box time.

A picture from our open house. That's me with a young boy on the buddy box. Larry Harmon is there to give the little guy a hand. He was thrilled. We had a totally unexpected number of people at our public show, at least 78 were there at one time. Others dropped in and out all day. We are planning another mall show in March ('98) and another public show this upcoming summer.

Here is picture of our guys at our public demo of R/C flying.

Here's our chief instructor, Mike Campbell, with one of his many planes.

These two pictures show Mike with his parasol plane

Another view of the guys at a Sunday fly-together.

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