Seneca Highlands Aeroplane Radio Kontrol Society


by Augie Freda

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The club officers are:

President- Dick Mix

V. President - Art Shaner

Sec/Treasurer- Ron Willis

Member,Exec Comm- Richard Yaw

Safety Officer- Curt Priest

Field Marshall- Fred McCool

News Letter Editor- Buck Daisley

Instructors - Mike Campbell, Augie Freda, Art Shaner

We are a small club in the northern mountains of Pennsylvania, in the thriving metropolis of Eldred, PA. We are growing as a club, with 8 new members these past few months bringing our membership to 35. Our club is located 90 miles East of Erie, PA, and 80 miles South-South-West of Buffalo, 5 miles from the PA-NY state line.

We have a small core of guys/gals (honest, we do have at least one woman pilot, about to solo, in fact) that consistently fly, weather permitting. Unfortunately, those times get to be scarce in the Winter months. Thank goodness for skis and floats. Currently, there are three of us about to get our All-Weather patches, 2nd and 3rds, in some cases. Our regulars are Mike, Art, Mickey, Richard, Ron, Larry, Buck, Dick, Curt, Danny, Ken, and me. We have two new young men just starting, Mike Eastman (who has been in the club for about a year) and Oliver,who is just starting to take to the air.

The four diehards and their models -- in the middle of winter, 1997. We having a ball in this El Nino winter. The days have been unusually nice and we have been flying up a storm.

All of us who fly as often as possible also have other projects on the building board, GP F-15, an ACE Sea Dancer, a Bud Nossen 9' CITABRIA, Goldberg Super Chipmonk, a T-F CORSAIR, among others. Larry had a beautiful Midwest EXTRA 300 that suffered the fate of a stripped servo and tangled with the trees--and lost. He has since completed a beatifully covered Midwest 201. Pictures will follow as soon as I can get them scanned.

Here is picture of one of our newer members, Ken Sherry, and his beautiful 30% SUPER CUB in front of the "mother". The full scale is not his, unfortunately.

I'm on the left, Mike Campbell in the center, & Fred McCool on the right. Mike was our instructor and had us soloing in less than a month. Of, course, we probably flew 20 times in that month.

At our annual picnic, most of our gang and families.

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