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ACIE Award 2009

Using Video Technology to Prepare Literacy Teachers

Sarah Scott and Linda Kucan

Sarah E. Scott

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Linda Kucan

Instruction & Learning
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Students pursuing the masters of art in teaching (MAT) degree in the School of Education typically take the course Reading and Language Arts in the Intermediate Grades during the summer term. Since most elementary schools are not in session during the summer, it is difficult for students in this course to get experience working with children. To address this problem, Sarah Scott and Linda Kucan, Reading Education, developed the project Using Innovative Video Technology to Transform the Preparation of Literacy Teachers. In summer 2009, the 51 MAT students enrolled in the course met with their professors and peers in the morning to discuss literacy, then in the afternoon taught reading to small groups of middle school students in video-recorded sessions. These videos were shown in class the next day and annotated using Video Traces software.

Not only does this class structure allow for more hands-on teaching time, it also gives students the ability to learn reflexively by watching themselves teach instead of watching others. It also allows instructors to review students’ strengths and weaknesses, and compels the students to become more comfortable with self-analysis. The teaching videos are available for all MAT students to review, and will be helpful as documentation of students’ progress.

Final Report

2009 Teaching Times

Sarah Scott's lecture demonstrates teaching literacy at the elementary level. Sarah Scott's lecture demonstrates teaching literacy at the elementary level.