Andrew R. Blair, Chair
 Tuesday, January 25, 2000
 2:00-3:00 p.m., 826 C.L.


Present: A. Blair (Chair), S. Albrecht, R. Bean, E. Beckman, L. Bell-Loncella, H. Flechtner, B. Harris-Schenz, V. Lillie, J. Manfredi, D. Marsh. T. Metzger, K. Van Lehn, and D. Davis (Staff Resource)

Handouts: ACIE: RFPs 2000; ACIE Innovation in Education Awards: Proposals; Progress Report from the Faculty Development Subcommittee

(1) Approval of the Minutes

 Dr. Blair inquired of the Council members present whether the minutes of the December meeting were correct as written.   He noted that he found several word omissions and would provide the changes for a revised copy.  As no other corrections or comments were suggested by the group,  the minutes of the December 9, 1999 meeting will be revised to include the editorial changes made by Dr. Blair and subsequently posted on the ACIE website for general viewing.

(2) Report of the Chair

 Dr. Blair called the Councilís attention to the two handouts related to the RFP: the first which presented various statistics of the proposals received, for example, total number received, total funding requested, breakdown by school and/or area; and the second a list of all proposals with project directors and University affiliation, title, and budget requested.  He also informed Council that three proposals were submitted prior to the established deadline and that he was seeking Councilís advice on including them in the review process.  After a brief discussion, it was agreed that these proposals would not be accepted in fairness to other faculty members who requested an extension prior to the deadline and who were denied this accommodation.  In noting that 68 proposals were received, Dr. Blair recapped the two-step review process suggested at the December meeting: proposals will be assigned to small groups of Council members for review, to be followed by a special meeting of Council for discussion and final determination of awardees.  He then indicated that this agenda item will be discussed later in the meeting by Professor Beckman.

(3) Reports of the Subcommittees

 (a) Instructional Development Programs: Professor Flechtner reported that Karl Smith has agreed to provide his 2-day workshop on May 8 and 9.  The next step is to have the Summer Institute offerings advertised, printed and sent to faculty as expeditiously as possible.  In considering a session on diversity in the classroom, as was recommended by the Council, Dr. Davis spoke with others on campus who expressed concerns that a session on this topic might overlap with the Chancellorís Faculty Diversity Seminar that is offered to faculty each summer, which this year will be held in May.  Several Council members are familiar with this seminar and offered some suggestions to address the overlap concerns.  For example, one member felt that the CIDDE program could make a broad-based commitment to include faculty members who cannot be accommodated by the Chancellorís seminar; and a second Council member suggested that it be scheduled at the end of the summer and could possibly include newly-hired faculty members.  It was agreed that this topic needs further investigation before a final decision is reached.  Dr. Davis will assist in the follow-up.

 (b) Faculty Development: Dr. Blair informed Council members that Professor Lesgold was unable to attend the meeting, but provided a written report of his subcommittee; he then asked Dr. Davis, as Staff Resource to the subcommittees and Council, to elaborate as appropriate on Professor Lesgoldís report.   She noted that the subcommittee has begun the process of building a list of strategic issues on which they might focus, a list which had been expanded after suggestions made at the December meeting.  The subcommittee will next refine and prioritize and subsequently begin  meetings focusing on the most important issues.  In response to the various topics presented, one Council member suggested that the Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching might be able to alert CIDDE to specific issues of concern that might be identified through their item analysis of evaluations; these concerns might be helpful in developing future faculty development workshops.  Several other members agreed that it might be useful for Dr. Davis to explore the feasibility of such a collaboration.

 (c) Instructional Grant: Professor Beckman was pleased that 68 proposals were submitted for funding; and in considering the large number received, presented the principles and process he felt should be used in the review of proposals.  Each proposal will be read by two Council members, who will substantively review proposals according to the criteria set forth in the RFP, and assign rankings.  Council members may call on each other as necessary if they are not familiar with the specific area of the proposal.  Council members may be recused from review of specific proposals if they feel that conflict of interest  may be an issue.  Proposals will be distributed in early February with a deadline for review set at March 1.  At a full-dayís meeting to be held Saturday, March 18, Council members will discuss the proposals and assess each for probability of funding.  Notifications to awardees will be made in late March or early April.

(4) Other Business

 There were no additional agenda items brought to the table for discussion.  Dr. Blair reminded Council members of the next meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, February 16, 826 C.L.

(5) Adjournment

 The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.