Andrew R. Blair, Chair
 Wednesday, February 16, 2000
 4:00-5:00 p.m., 826 C.L.


Present: A. Blair (Chair), S. Albrecht, L. Bell-Loncella, H. Flechtner, J. Greenberg, A. Lesgold, J. Manfredi, T. Metzger, R. Scaglion, N. Schor, S. Whitney, D. Wilkins, and D. Davis (Resource)

Handouts: ACIE Subcommittees’ Membership List; Meeting Schedule for AY99-00; Draft Summer Instructional Development Institutes 2000 Brochure

1. Approval of Minutes from January Meeting

 Dr. Blair inquired of the Council members present whether the minutes of the January meeting were correct as written.  There were no corrections or comments; thus, the minutes of the January 25, 2000 meeting of the ACIE will stand as circulated and will be posted on the website.

2. Report of the Chair

 Dr. Blair extended congratulations to Professor Susan Albrecht on her receipt of a Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award 2000.  Dr. Blair also reminded Council of the March 1 deadline for review of proposals and of the Saturday, March 18, meeting to discuss the proposals.  He then brought to Council’s attention that the next scheduled meeting of the ACIE is March 14, four days prior to the all-day meeting on the 18th.  Subsequently, Dr. Blair suggested that March 14 meeting could be cancelled if Council members agreed.  Members present concurred with this suggestion, and a notice of the cancellation will be sent promptly.  The final item in the Chair’s Report called Council’s attention to the Subcommittees’ Membership List.  Dr. Blair was pleased to announce that Professors Greenberg and Wilkins have agreed to become members of the Instructional Development Program Subcommittee, currently chaired by Professor H. Flechtner.  Their addition to this subcommittee ensures continuity through 2001, when these members’ terms of service on the ACIE expire.  He also indicated that the Instructional Grant Subcommittee might be restructured, which could be an agenda item for a future meeting.

3.  Reports of the Subcommittees

 a.  Instructional Grant Subcommittee: Professor Eric Beckman was unable to attend the meeting, but suggested that time be set aside at this meeting for general questions, comments, or observations about the proposals or the review process on the basis of members’ preliminary reviews.  Several questions from Council members followed.  In response to a question about bringing relevant expertise to bear on the review process, Dr. Blair noted that Council members are willing to provide help and/or clarification to fellow reviewers should anyone feel a need for technical assistance.  Outside expertise can also be solicited as needed.  In response to a question regarding budgets and technical accuracy, Dr. Diane Davis was called on to report the outcome of her staff members’ technical review of each proposal.

 Dr. Davis informed Council that she and several members of the CIDDE staff reviewed all 68 proposals and had the following generalizations: (1) next year, the RFP should require a statement regarding sustainability;  (2) requests for equipment for departments and schools could be an issue since CIDDE is charged to provide equipment and services to faculty.  If proposals include the purchase of equipment, to what degree should we place equipment in the units?; (3) in proposals where funding is requested to create web-based course materials, Dr. Davis noted that the Summer Institute was developed for this purpose; however, faculty salaries are not covered and  this point should be kept in mind; (4) in proposals requesting funding for web developers, Dr. Davis reminded Council that the CIDDE approach is to provide faculty with the competencies that would enable them to do this themselves, eliminating reliance on others; and (5) proposals requesting funds for continuing education delivery systems, even though from different disciplines, might be combined to foster collaboration among faculty and to more effectively distribute grant funds.  One-page summaries of CIDDE staff’s technical reviews will be provided for each proposal and sent to each reviewer.  Dr. Davis expected that these reviews will be available to Council members in the next week.

 b.  Faculty Development Subcommittee: Professor Alan Lesgold indicated that at its next meeting, this subcommittee will select several items from the list of priorities that were reviewed by Council previously and begin discussions within the subcommittee and the Council as a whole.

 c.  Instructional Development Programs Subcommittee: Professor Harry Flechtner distributed a sample of the Summer Institute brochure for Council review.  He indicated that a few scheduling complications have arisen since Council’s last meeting, which will be resolved within the next few days.  He expected to confirm that Karl Smith’s session will be held some time during the week of June 5.  The cultural diversity workshop, with Barbara Love, will address broader issues and dovetail with the annual Chancellor’s Faculty Diversity Seminar to be held from May 8-19.  Professor Flechtner thanked Professor Lisa Bell-Loncella for her assistance and help in setting up the session that will be held on the UPJ campus; he then asked for questions or comments from Council members or if they had any suggestions or promotional ideas regarding the programs and the brochure.  Suggestions from members included adding the CIDDE website address; encouragement of faculty participation and a suggestion that CIDDE coordinate and facilitate hotel and transportation arrangements for faculty from regional campuses, particularly Bradford and Titusville; inclusion in the brochure of the regularly-scheduled CourseInfo sessions (distinguish between these and the Summer Institute sessions); promotion of the program could be facilitated within the schools by utilizing the recently established CIDDE Liaison system.  Professor Flechtner and Dr. Davis were receptive to these ideas and will incorporate them in the final copy, which is expected to be mailed to faculty by March 10.

4.  Other Business: Status Report on School-Based Faculty Development

 In following-up on a previous discussion, Dr. Davis and CIDDE considered that it might be worthwhile to offer some faculty development programs within the schools rather than getting faculty to leave their buildings for other campus locations.  Deans have expressed interest in this approach.  Most recently, CIDDE went to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences; attendance was open to other faculty of the University but held in the SHRS facility.  Dr. Davis felt that this was a relatively successful experiment, with participation ranging from 11-30 persons, depending on the particular presentation.  In addition, CIDDE has demonstrated CourseInfo at the school level, and these sessions have been well attended.  In terms of planning, they have worked with such individuals as CAS Associate Dean Professor Beverly Harris-Schenz to identify particular topics for departmental level programs; for example, collaborative learning; use of technology in instruction; and use of CourseInfo.

5. Adjournment

 With a reminder of the recently-scheduled Saturday, March 18 review meeting as well as the cancellation of the March 14 meeting, this meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.