Andrew R. Blair, Chair
 Thursday, December 9, 1999
 9:00-10:30 a.m., 809 C.L.


Present: Andrew Blair (Chair), Susan Albrecht, Eric Beckman, Lisa Bell-Loncella, Harry Flechtner, Alan Lesgold, Vernell Lillie, Diane Marsh, Tom Metzger, and Diane Davis (Staff Resource)

Handouts: Topics for Faculty Development Subcommittee; Summer Institute Program: Revised Draft; Subcommittees’ Membership List

(1) Approval of the Minutes

 Dr. Blair asked Council members present if the minutes were correct as written; no comments were articulated and the minutes of the November 16, 1999 meeting will stand.

(2) Reports of the Subcommittees

 a.  Faculty Development Subcommittee.  Professor Lesgold distributed a list of possible topics for his subcommittee to address and asked for the full Council’s input, specifically if there are additional high-priority items to include.  Dr. Davis described CIDDE’s new Faculty Instructional Development Laboratory, a facility that will have capabilities for applying multimedia techniques to courses, with both consultants and equipment available.  Dr. Davis would like Council’s suggestions on how to obtain faculty input on specific issues.  For example, should TAs be permitted to use the facilities; and should these facilities be used for research?   Professor Lesgold agreed to include this topic for subcommittee discussion.

Professor Lesgold offered another possible topic, the opportunity of using e-commerce to deliver courses and degree/certification programs via the Internet and how to provide faculty with what they need to know to develop these courses.  Dr. Blair agreed that leading edge instructional issues should be a focus of the Council and suggested that benchmarking with what other institutions are doing is an important point for discussion.  Professor Lesgold will include benchmarking other faculty development efforts as still another topic.

 b.  Instructional Development Programs Subcommittee.  Professor Flechtner distributed a revised copy of the Summer Institute offerings which reflected Council’s recommendations from the November meeting.  He indicated that the parameters were made clearer and more information has been presented for the five sessions described; a sixth session on CourseInfo will be held on the Johnstown Campus. Session #4, “Introduction to Cooperative Learning,” still requires some fine-tuning.  Consequently, Professor Flechtner sought Council’s advice regarding the length of workshop to be offered, i.e., a  one- or two-day workshop and dates for the workshop (based on the speaker’s availability).  After discussion of the pros and cons of one- vs. two-day sessions, most Council members present were in favor of the two-day session as well as conducting the workshop in the month of May.  They were also in favor of including “classroom diversity” as a topic for a future Institute offering.  The speaker will be contacted to confirm his availability for the week of May 8-12.  Professor Flechtner projected that the final draft of the complete program brochure will be ready in January, but before the next Council meeting.  Council members agreed that it should be faxed to them for comment prior to final printing and subsequent mailing to the faculty.  Prof. Flechtner also recommended that a brief announcement be sent to faculty prior to the official mailing of the brochure.  Council recognized that e-mail to all faculty is difficult but agreed that an e-mail to deans, associate deans, and department chairs would get attention.  This “teaser” could also refer faculty to the Website for further information.

 c.  Instructional Grant Subcommittee.  Professor Beckman led the discussion regarding the review process for proposals received in response to the RFP.  He presented several models of reviews of which he is aware or in which he has participated.   After a discussion of the various approaches, it was agreed that Professor Beckman will be responsible for selecting small groups of Council members to form panels and for distributing proposals for their review and recommendations.  Post-panel review, the full Council will meet to discuss and assess the proposals.

Council members indicated that they have been receiving inquiries from faculty, and  are willing to offer advice to those who are interested in submitting a proposal.  There was consensus among those present that we should heavily publicize the proposals that are actually funded, both in the University community media as well as the local Pittsburgh area newspapers.  They also felt that a reminder to faculty regarding the submission deadline, as well as a reminder to deans or department chairmen would stimulate interest in the awards.

3. Other Business

 Dr. Blair distributed the membership list of the Council’s subcommittees with the new subcommittee names.  He also reminded members that if they are interested in participating on any of the other subcommittees and they should let him know.

 The next Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 25, 2-3 pm, Room 826 C.L.

4. Adjournment

 The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 am.

 Revised 1/28/00