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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

May 12, 2010


826 Cathedral of Learning




Present:A. Blair (Chair), P. Brusilovsky, A. Godley, C. Newhill, M. Ripoll, R. Venkataramanan, C. Wilcox, and C. Golden (Staff Liaison)



Approval of the Minutes (A. Blair):


Dr. Blair asked for a motion from Council members for approval of the February 19, 2010 meeting minutes, which was offered, seconded, and accepted as written. The minutes will be posted to the ACIE website.


Report of the Chair and Debriefing of Proposal Review Process (A. Blair):  


Dr. Blair reported that the Council proposal review process went well, and no major issues were raised in the discussions. He asked Council members present if there were any comments from this year’s review or suggestions for changes in the next year. It was suggested that next year the PAA location should be booked earlier to get preferred rooms. Other comments from members included the nature of the distribution of proposal review forms and the clarification of new equipment purchases as an acceptable budget item request.


Reports of the Committee Chairs

  a.       Best Practices (C. Wilcox): Prof. Wilcox reported that the committee met on April 5 and has made progress. Dr. Nicoll prepared a summary of responses from former participants that were contacted regarding the impact of the Faculty Diversity Seminars. The report is being drafted and will be ready for the next Council meeting. Ms. Golden reported that the Teaching Excellence Showcase concept is under consideration for change to improve attendance as well as impact. CIDDE liaisons have been asked for ideas on how to engage more faculty in the event. There were also some new ideas for publicizing the event in general. Dr. Blair commented that it is a good event but faculty are not taking full advantage of this opportunity of this, and a decision on the structuring of this activity needs to be made soon.

b.       Faculty Development (C. Golden for N. Day, Chair):  The first session of the Summer Instructional Development Institute, “How Students Learn,” was held on Friday, May 7, with 80 faculty attendees representing a number of departments and schools. Ms. Golden noted that it was a particularly large group this year, possibly attributing the attendance to the increased efforts in advertising the program widely and the importance of the topic. The presenters met with the committee to discuss the presentations and, as a result, the sessions were well planned. The session was recorded (but not a webcast) and will be uploaded to CIDDE’s Mediasite. Ms. Golden will let the Council know when it is available for viewing. The only concern expressed by a Council member was that more tenure-stream faculty did not participate. Ms. Golden indicated that a formal report of the SIDI is being prepared for the next Council meeting.


Report of the Staff Liaison (C. Golden):


Ms. Golden reported that CIDDE has been assessing whether to move forward with the Blackboard upgrade as originally planned for the Fall term, but it was determined that more time is needed, resulting in a deferral of implementation.

Ms. Golden then talked about the reorganization of CIDDE and gave a presentation of the current and new structures. She also noted that the online programs are growing; Blackboard usage is also growing steadily; and CIDDE staff are identifying challenges and opportunities and planning for further growth.




With no further business, the Advisory Council adjourned at 11:10 am. The next regular and final Council meeting of the term is scheduled for Tuesday, June 1, 12:00 noon, 826 CL; lunch will be provided.



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