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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

June 5, 2008


826 Cathedral of Learning




A. Blair (Chair), S. Albrecht, R. Brand,  P. Brusilovsky, J. Camillus, J. Erlen, P. Gupta, K. Kearns, P. Manning, D. Marsh, K. McDonald, C. Singh, M. Smith, C. Wilcox, and D. Davis (Staff Liaison).   Invited guests:  M. Arenth, N. Laudato, and J. Nicoll (CIDDE staff)



Approval of the Minutes (A. Blair):


Dr. Blair asked for a motion to approve the April 22, 2008 meeting minutes.  A motion for approval was made and seconded, and approved unanimously; the minutes will be posted to the ACIE website.

Report of the Best Practices Committee (C. Singh, Chair): 

The Best Practices Committee distributed the Innovation in Education Program:  2008 Assessment Survey Report, prepared in response to the Provost’s charge last September to continue the assessment of the Innovation in Education awards program.  Survey respondents were the project directors of funded programs.  The evaluation focused on the impact of student learning and project sustainability.  In summary, the report shows that the awards are being utilized in an effective manner, both in teaching and, in several cases, in faculty research; and the impact on learning and students has reportedly been quite positive. Examples of Council members’ comments and suggestions follow:  (1) there may be insufficient infrastructure within some departments to support project sustainability; (2) instructional designers may be able to assist faculty in publishing articles by identifying appropriate journals; (3) changes could be made in the RFP to require project directors to make presentations at the departmental/school levels as appropriate; and (4) it might be useful to undertake an impact study for projects concluded with and without CIDDE instructional designer involvement.  Some of these suggestions may be topics for future discussion.
            Dr. Blair asked that the report be reworked to include some of these thoughts; and on completion, it will be sent to Council for final approval and subsequent submission to the Provost.

            The second item was the review of CIDDE’s Instructional Media Services. At the Committee’s request, Dr. Nick Laudato, Associate Director, CIDDE, was invited to give his presentation, entitled “Technologies for Teaching and Learning:  Planning for the Future,” at this meeting.  This presentation highlighted national trends, the status of instructional technologies and a vision for the future, issues and challenges, and best practices for CIDDE’s Instructional Media Services. (Copies of the slide presentation and a draft of the Best Practices Committee report, Instructional Media Services Best Practices, Issues and Directions, were distributed to members present).  The goal of the review was to identify and make recommendations with regard to areas for improvement.  Professor Singh highlighted some of the findings, and a brief discussion by Council of the report followed.  One member suggested that the Provost might allocate funds to assist departments who do not have the resources to pay for some of the media services for faculty; another suggestion was to conduct workshops to familiarize faculty with the services available to enhance teaching and learning, using faculty peers as workshop leaders as well as IMS staff.  Dr. Blair suggested that some changes may be needed in the report, and Professor Singh agreed to do this.  Dr. Blair then asked for Council’s endorsement of the report (with changes), and indicated that a copy of the report, once formally sent to CIDDE, will be provided to the Provost.

Report of the Chair (A. Blair): 

In noting that this is the final Advisory Council meeting of the academic year, Dr. Blair acknowledged and thanked members whose terms of service on Council were expiring; these are:  Professors Susan Albrecht, Eric Beckman, Chuck Hinderliter, Jamie Johnston, Kevin Kearns, Margaret Ragni and Kurt VanLehn.  He also thanked Dr. Laudato and the IMS Director, Michael Arenth.


With no further business, the Advisory Council adjourned at 1:25 am.


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