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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

January 10, 2008


826 Cathedral of Learning




A. Blair (Chair), R. Brand, P. Brusilovsky, J. Camillus, T. Derricotte, J. Erlen, C. Hinderliter, K. Kearns, K. McDonald, C. Singh, K. VanLehn, C. Wilcox, and D. Davis (Staff Liaison)



Approval of the Minutes (A. Blair):


It was noted that Professor Wilcox was unable to attend the December meeting, and the minutes will be amended accordingly. Dr. Blair then asked for a motion to approve the December 10, 2007 meeting minutes. A motion was made and seconded, and the approved minutes will be posted to the ACIE website.


Report of the Council Chair (A. Blair):

Dr. Blair noted that the deadline for the receipt of proposals for the Innovation in Education Awards Program 2008 is January 31, 2008. An electronic email to all Deans and Regional Campus Presidents asking them to remind their faculties of the deadline and to encourage proposal submissions will be distributed in the very near future. CIDDE will also contact its School Liaisons to ask them to remind faculty about the awards program. Dr. Davis reported that CIDDE has been contacted for assistance by approximately ten faculty members.


Preparation for Instructional Grants Proposal Review (A. Blair):

In preparation for the review of the Innovation in Education Awards Program proposals, Dr. Blair asked Council members—in particular, continuing members—to think about the review process for this year. He then briefly reviewed the process, beginning with the distribution of the RFP in late October. Proposals to individual Council members for review will be randomly assigned; and members are to complete, in detail, the Proposal Review Form that has been developed in accordance with the objectives stated in the RFP. Each proposal will have three reviews, and it is expected that Council review will take about four weeks. There will be a full Council Proposal Review Session during which each proposal is discussed and recommendations for funding are agreed upon. There will be a second review of the preliminary recommendations, including a final budget review, that normally results in approximately one-third of submissions being recommended to the Provost for his approval. Dr. Blair noted that the Council review will be discussed more fully in the February meeting.


Report of the Best Practices Committee (C. Singh, Chair):

The Best Practices Committee continued its discussions of the upcoming periodic evaluation of the awards program, as requested by Provost Maher, and the review of CIDDE’s instructional media services. Prof. Singh distributed a draft copy of the awards program survey, noting that it will be Web-based, and the format will be multiple-choice with an open-ended section for comments following each question. One Council member suggested a question on the professional impact the project has had on individual faculty members, and Prof. Singh agreed to include this on the survey. It is expected that the survey will go out to project directors of completed projects that were funded during 2000-2006 in late January or early February. The survey will focus on project dissemination and sustainability.

For the review of CIDDE’s media services, Associate Director Nick Laudato and Mr. Michael Arenth were invited to give an overview of the services provided and their vision for the future. Several issues were noted, including increasing services for classrooms with upgraded technology for instruction and a need for additional CIDDE technical help to operate and to provide equipment (e.g., clickers for the Student Response System, recording of lectures). Prof. Singh also noted that resources are needed to convert old technologies to new (e.g., VHS to DVD), the capture of lectures and students’ notes for instructors, the ability to allow instructors to give exams at other times, and the need for software and interface to allow for student collaborations, among other items. These will all need to be prioritized and decisions should be made on the overall impact of the technology on instruction, which may vary among schools and disciplines. She noted that as faculty members’ knowledge of the available technologies increases, so will the demand.

The Committee expects to have a report by the end of the summer. It was also agreed that the Laudato-Arenth PowerPoint presentation would be sent to the full Council via e-mail.


Report of the Faculty Development Committee (K. Kearns for S. Albrecht, Chair):

Prof. Kearns distributed a report of the Committee meeting held on January 4. Discussions focused on upcoming scheduled events. (1) The Summer Instructional Development Institute’s workshops are planned for May 8, and the topic is “Mentoring Student Research” as a component of the teaching function. Several faculty members will be asked to make presentations, and the Committee has recommended a student panel as part of the seminar. (2) Four New Faculty Forums sessions are now scheduled for the end of January, invitations have been sent to faculty, and facilitators have been selected. An agenda has been developed to assist the facilitators in moderating the sessions. The Committee recommended, and Council agreed, that “The Quick Starters” article will be used again this year. (3) The brochure announcing Learning Opportunities for Faculty, Spring 2008 has been finalized and sent to the printer. It will be sent to all faculty by mid-January. (4) The Faculty Book Discussion sessions will continue in the Spring Term; the book, What the Best College Teachers Do, will be discussed at the March 18 session, with Professors Toni Carbo (SIS) and Toi Derricotte (A&S/English) serving as facilitators. In the second session, the article, “A Nudge is Best: Helping Students Through the Perry Scheme of Intellectual Development,” will be discussed on March 20 and 21, with Professors Susan Smith (A&S/English) and Susan Godfrey (A&S/Biological Sciences) serving as facilitators. (5) The FIDL staff are working on Blackboard 7.3 Content System Training, and 2,300 course sections have already been created for Spring Term. (6) A Faculty Discussion Group on Integrating Ethics into the Curriculum has been scheduled for March 25; Professor Valerie Swigart (Nursing) will moderate.



Report of the Staff Liaison (D. Davis):


Dr. Davis wanted to remind Council of the scheduled Proposal Planning Day on January 18.



With no further business, the Advisory Council adjourned at 4:35 pm. The next Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 6, 10:00 am, 826 CL.

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