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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence

Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence

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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

June 7, 2007


826 Cathedral of Learning




A. Blair (Chair), S. Albrecht, K. Blee, R. Brand, J. Camillus, V. Copeland, J. Erlen, C. Hinderliter, P. Kameen, C. Singh, D. Davis (Staff Liaison), and J. Nicoll (CIDDE)



Approval of the Minutes (A. Blair):


A copy of the April 16, 2007 minutes was circulated for members’ review prior to the meeting.  A motion to approve was made, seconded and approved unanimously, without change, by the Advisory Council members present.

Report of the Chair (A. Blair):
  1. Dr. Blair formally acknowledged Advisory Council members whose terms of service expire at the end of this month, and thanked them for their efforts.  Outgoing members are:  Professors Kathleen Blee (A&S), Patrick Card (A&S), Valire Copeland (Social Work), Paul Kameen (A&S), Malcolm McNeil (SHRS), Kurt VanLehn (A&S), and Lauren Yaich (Pitt-Bradford).
  2. The annual Faculty Diversity Seminar, conducted during May, was again favorably reviewed by participants as being a very effective experience.  Dr. Blair thanked Professors Valire Copeland and Lester Olson, co-chairs of the event, and CIDDE support staff, Dr. Joanne Nicoll and Ms. Melanie Fox, for their continued assistance in planning and organizing this worthwhile effort.
  3. Summer Instructional Development Institute:  An article in a recent issue of the University Times reported on this year’s main topic, Case-Based Learning.  Four University faculty members gave presentations on how this is addressed in their disciplines, which were very well received by attendees.  Two other sessions will be conducted by CIDDE staff throughout the summer: (1) course design and (2) course development using Blackboard.
  4. ACIE Committee Structure:  Currently, the Council has three standing committees:  Faculty Development, Best Practices Implementation, and Instructional Grants.  The Best Practices Committee is an outgrowth of the benchmarking effort conducted by CIDDE several years ago and has been instrumental in reviewing the outcomes of that report.  The Faculty Development Committee has primarily focused on facilitating programs offered by CIDDE.  At times, it has been noted that committee activities have overlapped and that there may be a need to refine their functions more clearly.  Dr. Davis noted that identified best practices are, in fact, faculty development efforts, and agreed that the committees’ responsibilities need to be clarified.  Dr. Blair agreed and suggested that this discussion continue at an early Fall Council meeting.  Dr. Davis agreed to provide draft charges for the members to consider.


Learning Technology Consortium (D. Davis):

The spring meeting of the LTC was held at the University of Delaware.  Some of the issues that were discussed included:  Campus security (in light of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech);  Problem-Based Learning-related faculty presentations that addressed incorporating video into teaching and course assignments; the use of Wikis for collaborative problem-solving projects; use of a games to motivate students and encourage learning through interactivity and feedback; and a demonstration of “Second Life,” an internet-based virtual world.  She announced that the University will host the next LTC meeting on October 5 and 6.  Council members will have an opportunity to interact with other Consortium members during the visit, and more information on this event will be forthcoming.



With no other business for discussion, the meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm.


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