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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

February 7, 2006


826 Cathedral of Learning




A. Blair (Chair), E. Cohn, J. Harris, S. Husted, H. Lawson, N. Schor, K. Shastri, P. Siska, R. Wasserman, and D. Davis (Staff Liaison)


Approval of the Minutes (A. Blair):


A motion for the approval of the January 9, 2006, minutes was made, seconded and accepted unanimously by the members present. The minutes will be posted to the ACIE website.


Preliminary Discussion of Proposal Review Process (A. Blair, Chair, Instructional Grants Committee):

Dr. Blair distributed copies of this year’s Proposal Review Process and a list of the submitted proposals. He indicated that there were 22 proposals received this year as opposed to 28 received in 2005, with submissions over the past several years remaining in the 20s/low 30s. Funded projects over the past years have been around one third of those submitted, in which case, this year, he projected seven or eight awards to be recommended for approval. Regarding the review process, proposals will be distributed to Council after the CIDDE technical reviews are complete, along with the Proposal Review Form to be filled out (with detailed comments) for each proposal reviewed. In the case of unfunded proposals, Dr. Blair reminded Council members that these forms can be shared with the project director upon request and constructive criticism should be given as appropriate. He also noted that the proposal review form will need to be slightly revised to reflect the minor changes made in the RFP this year. A copy of the RFP will also be included for reviewers’ reference.


Educause Learning Initiative Conference: Report on Poster Presentation (D. Davis):

Dr. Davis noted that at the time the evaluation of the grants program report was completed and sent to the Provost last year, Council recommended that additional spin-offs of this report might include articles or papers to be submitted for publication or conference presentations. As a result, Dr. Davis, along with Dr. Joanne Nicoll (Associate Director, CIDDE), submitted a poster presentation for the Learning Initiative Conference (a subset of Educause), which was accepted. Dr. Davis gave a brief summary of that presentation for Council members present. The poster, in a flow chart format, explained the grants program, and was accompanied by a handout of the criteria used for assessment. Dr. Davis estimated that 30 people attended the session and were enthusiastic about what they had learned, and a copy of the full report was also available for attendees who were interested. Discussions touched on the purpose of the grants program, the role of the Council and its interdisciplinary composition and the lessons learned in the process (e.g., the need to enhance the individual assessment component). Dr. Blair inquired if she would be writing an article in the future. Dr. Davis responded that she was considering it and noted that Educause has several journals that would be appropriate venues for publishing such an article.


Best Practices Committee Report (D. Davis):

In Dr. Bidanda’s absence, Dr. Davis distributed copies of the Best Practices Committee minutes from its January 25 meeting. The main agenda item was a discussion of the status of an electronic portfolio system (recommended by an ad hoc committee, chaired by Dr. Davis) for implementation at the University. Due to the implementation of PeopleSoft, a decision by the Provost’s Office was deferred. Now that PeopleSoft is in place, the e-portfolio project is being addressed. Dr. Davis indicated that the next step would be to arrange meetings with CSSD technical experts to discuss various issues, such as cost, process, computer storage and length of storage, and ownership. It was also recommended that a pilot study be conducted. Dr. Davis noted that some universities and accrediting bodies are beginning to require e-portfolios, so there is national interest. Some institutions already have a system in place. The most promising system for implementing this initiative would seem to be Blackboard. Dr. Davis noted that CIDDE will move ahead on this and keep Council members informed



With no other business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at noon. Council will meet next on Saturday, March 18 and Wednesday, March 22 to review the proposals submitted for the Innovation in Education awards program; the April meeting of the Advisory Council is scheduled for Thursday, April 13, 10:00-11:00 am, Room 826 CL.




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