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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

September 26, 2005




826 Cathedral of Learning




A. Blair (Chair), B. Bidanda, K. Blee, J.Burkoff, P. Card, V. Copeland, S. Drescher, J. Erlen, J. Grabowski, P. Kameen, K. Kearns, M. McNeil, M. Ragni, G. Stoehr, K. VanLehn, L. Yaich, B. Zitelli, and D. Davis (Staff Liaison)


1.  Welcome and Introduction (A. Blair): Dr. Blair welcomed all new and continuing members of the Advisory Council and introduced Provost James Maher, who proceeded to give Council its charge for the academic year.


2.  Provost's Charge to Council (J. Maher): Provost Maher provided background on the formation of the Advisory Council and the criteria used to select Council members.  The Council advises the Provost on the ways to encourage instructional development and teaching excellence across the University. One of the primary tasks of Council is implementation of the Innovation in Education Awards grants program, which solicits proposals from faculty on the five University campuses that enhance teaching through innovative instructional approaches.  The Provost indicated that projects to date have been worthy projects, as evidenced in the program evaluation conducted last year by the Council and its subsequent report. 


Provost Maher then outlined recommended activities for the Advisory Council for this coming academic year: (a) develop and distribute the RFP for the Innovation in Education Awards program, review and carefully evaluate the submitted proposals, recommending to him those projects that merit funding; (b) continue to assist CIDDE by providing advice and recommendations concerning its instructional and faculty development programming; (c) continue sponsoring and supporting the Teaching Excellence Fair; and (d) review and implement the Council’s recommendations in its report concerning the continued strengthening of the evaluation of the instructional grants program.  In conclusion, Provost Maher thanked Council member for their willingness to participate in the work of this important University committee.


3.  Approval of the Minutes: A motion was made for the approval of the June 1 2005, minutes, which was seconded and accepted as written by the continuing members.  The minutes will be posted to the ACIE website.



4.  Council Committees and Membership (A. Blair): Dr. Blair distributed a list of the current Council committees with continuing membership; he further described the activities assigned to each: (a) the Best Practices Committee focuses on the outcomes of the Best Practices Survey and Report (CIDDE, 2003) and makes recommendations on activities and programs for possible implementation at our University; (b) the Faculty Development Committee provides advice to CIDDE on its offerings for faculty that enhance their development in the instructional realm; and (c) the Instructional Grants Committee oversees the grants program in general and is responsible for conducting the grants program evaluation.  New Council members were asked to select a committee on which they would like to serve; Dr. Davis is responsible for coordinating Committee meetings and serves as staff liaison to the Best Practices and Faculty Development Committees.


5.  Innovation in Education Awards RFP 2005 (A. Blair): Dr. Blair explained that the RFP has evolved over the past six years and that it has not required a lot of review and discussion in recent years.  However, members should look it over and make suggestions for revisions, clarifications, etc. as soon as possible so that it can be distributed to faculty prior to the Teaching Excellence Fair, scheduled for November 9.  Several continuing members suggested a need for some clarifications, and offered to send their comments to the Chair.  Dr. Blair indicated that he would send the RFP to members for review and concurrence prior to printing and distribution to all faculty.


6.  Teaching Excellence Fair and the Faculty Development Brochure (D. Davis): Dr. Davis noted that the Fair and the Faculty Development Seminars are an outgrowth of Council suggestions.  She distributed a preliminary schedule for the Fair, asked that members be sure to mark this event on their calendars, pointing out that it is a good opportunity for the University community, as well as Council members, to learn about the instructional grants funded projects and their outcomes.  She also outlined some of the various activities that comprise the Fair, such as faculty discussion groups, demonstrations of instructional software and technology, and services provided by CIDDE.  She then circulated a copy of the Faculty Development brochure that has been developed by the Council to make faculty aware of the services CIDDE can provide.  This year, a new project, AFaculty Book Discussions,@ recommended by the Council=s Best Practices Committee, will be introduced.  Faculty facilitatorsBtwo of whom are current Council members and one is a former member-- will lead discussions of the book, How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School.


7.  ACIE Website: Photos of Members (A. Blair): Dr. Blair informed members of the ACIE website and particularly the “Membership” page on which all Council members are listed with an accompanying photograph.  New members are given the opportunity to have a digital portrait taken by CIDDE photographers for placement on the website and for their own professional use. 


8.  Adjournment: With no other business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 24, at 3:00 pm.




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