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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

February 4, 2005




826 Cathedral of Learning




A. Blair (Chair), B. Bidanda, P. Card, S. Drescher, J. Grabowski, S. Husted, H. Lawson, K. Linduff, M. McNeil, Paul Rogers, Nina Schor, G. Stoehr, and D. Davis


Approval of the Minutes:


A motion was made for the approval of the December 8, 2004 minutes, seconded, and approved as written.


2. Report of the Chair (A. Blair):

Dr. Blair reported that the number of proposals received in response to the Innovation in Education RFP this year is 28, and he thanked Council members for encouraging faculty to submit a proposal. He also reported on the status of the Innovation in Education program evaluation that is being conducted via a web-based survey to funded project directors. He distributed a handout with response rates (overall) and a summary of the scale-score responses and percentages. He noted that in comparison to normal return rates, we have attained an 85% completion rate to date, which is quite good. CIDDE has also supplied the data for the open-ended questions, which will be content-analyzed and made available for Council review.

3. Review Process for Innovation in Education 2005 Proposals:

In preparation for Council members’ review of individual proposals (Stage 2), Dr. Blair distributed a handout that contained the stages of the proposal review process. Dr. Blair suggested a review of the RFP to become familiar with the evaluation criteria. Proposals will be distributed in the next couple of weeks; each Council member will receive 4-5 proposals, along with a standardized evaluation form, with an expected completion deadline of four weeks. He reminded Council that for proposals that are not funded, project directors may request a copy of the individual reviews (with members’ names removed); therefore, reviewers should provide constructive comments that support the score associated with the criterion.


4. Report of the Committee Chairs:

Faculty Development Committee (J. Grabowski): The Faculty Development Committee met on February 1. Dr. Nicoll reviewed with the Committee the plans for the Summer Instructional Development Institute (SIDI), with the first workshop scheduled for May 13 on “Ways to Promote Critical Thinking.” A second workshop for individual course design will be conducted throughout the summer and is limited to 20 faculty. The third offering, “Course Development Using Blackboard,” which is a four-day training session, is also scheduled. Council members were brought up-to-date on the Faculty Diversity Seminar, which is now in its eleventh year and scheduled for May 9-20.

Another idea that received positive feedback from the committee was to establish a faculty book review group. A pilot project to implement this idea is being planned for the Fall term. Faculty members who elect to participate will select a book on teaching and learning, with an emphasis on learning theory and research, and then meet to discuss the book by section or chapter. Sessions will be led by participating faculty, and CIDDE will provide administrative support. CIDDE instructional designers also will participate as members of the faculty discussion group.

Best Practices Implementation Committee (B. Bidanda): The Best Practices Committee met on Wednesday, February 2; Dr. Davis chaired the meeting in the absence of Professor Bidanda. The primary agenda was to put in place a post-New Faculty Orientation process for follow-up with new faculty to gain feedback on issues regarding instructional and other faculty development support resources, as well as ideas for possible programs during the course of the year. This initiative would involve forming focus groups of new faculty, beginning with three groups of approximately 10 in each. Advisory Council members, as well as other faculty (e.g., those appearing in the “Classic Clips”) who could serve as group facilitators. CIDDE will provide liaison and reporters for each group session. Deans and department chairs will be asked to identify one or two newer faculty members, who will subsequently be invited to attend one of three group meetings. It is expected that this effort will be scheduled for late March or early April.

Dr. Blair reminded Council that follow-up programs for new faculty was one of the specific recommendations stemming from the Best Practices report of March 2003.


5. Adjournment:

With no other items for discussion, the meeting adjourned at 3:20 pm.



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