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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

October 4, 2004




826 Cathedral of Learning




A. Blair (Chair), B. Bidanda, P. Card, S. D rescher, J. Grabowski, S. Husted, M. McNeil, T. Metzger, K. Shastri, and G. Stoehr


Approval of the Minutes:


A motion was made for the approval of the September 7, 2004 minutes, seconded, and accepted without change by the members present.



Report of the Chair (A. Blair):


Dr. Blair distributed the new list of the ACIE committee memberships. After briefly describing the initiatives for each committee, he indicated that meetings should be scheduled in the near future. Dr. Davis will convene the Best Practices and Faculty Development Committees, and Dr. Blair will take responsibility for convening the Instructional Grants Committee. The chairs for these committees are: Bopaya Bidanda (Best Practices), Joe Grabowski (Faculty Development) and Lillian Beeson (Instructional Grants). He then informed Council about the status of the instructional grants program online survey, developed by the IG Committee, which incorporated the criteria from the RFP, comments from focus group meetings, and input from Carol Baker (Director, OMET). This survey was sent out by CIDDE via e-mail in mid-September to the directors of funded projects completed over the past four years (2000-2003). For their information, Council members were provided with a copy of the web survey, which integrates scaled questions with open-ended questions. The results of this survey will be reviewed and, along with other data collected, a report on the impact of the awards program will be drafted and brought to the Council for review and discussion prior to its submission to the Provost.


Innovation in Education Awards 2005: Draft RFP (A. Blair):


Dr. Blair briefly explained how the RFP has been developed over the past few years, how it is distributed to faculty, and, in general, Council’s review process. He also noted that recommendations for next year’s proposal may be made as a result of the evaluation of the program. One member suggested that the definition of “innovation” should be defined more clearly for proposal writers, as well as for Council reviewers. Members present were in favor of this suggestion, and it was agreed that several members would meet and develop a clarification of what is considered to be an innovative project. Several members volunteered to meet and work on this issue in the near future. Additional recommended changes will be sent to the full Council for their comment.



Teaching Excellence Fair (A. Blair):


Dr. Blair reminded members that the Teaching Excellence Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27, and asked for volunteers to be present on a rotating basis to staff the ACIE table, primarily to answer questions about the Innovation in Education Awards Program and the process for submission. Members who are available to serve should contact Linda Wykoff with their preferences. He noted that Council Member Joe Grabowski will lead an informal discussion group at the Fair on the grants program. Brochures were mailed to all faculty with an advance copy sent to Deans, and both posters and brochures have been distributed to CIDDE school liaisons. Council members could also help promote the Fair by informing graduate students of the event and encouraging them and colleagues to attend.

5. Adjournment:

With no other business or items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.



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