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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

June 7, 2004




3S56 Posvar Hall




A. Blair (Chair), E. Cohn, J. Harris, S. Husted, H. Lawson, N. Schor, K. Shastri, P. Siska, R. Wasserman, and D. Davis (Staff Liaison)


Feedback from SIDI 2004; Innovation in Education Awards Evaluation Framework, Yearly Statistics and Analyzed Statistics 2000-03; and Innovation in Education Awards Program Award Recipient Survey: Draft Instrument


Approval of the Minutes:


A motion was made for the approval of the May 11 minutes, seconded, and accepted without change by the members present.


Report of the Staff Liaison (D. Davis):


Dr. Blair noted that this is the last scheduled ACIE meeting of the year, and he personally wanted to thank everyone for their contributions to the Council’s mission and acknowledge in particular those members whose terms will be ending. These members are: Ellen Cohn (SHRS), Ken Etzel (SDM), Martin Greenberg (A&S), Rollanda O’Connor (Education), Peter Siska (A&S), Rhonda Wasserman (Law), David Wilkins (A&S), and Patricia Wright (SSW).


Report of the Staff Liaison: Revised ICE Proposal (D. Davis):


The Intensive Course Enhancement (ICE) Proposal has been discussed previously by Council members, who made suggestions for improvement and clarification. Revisions were made to the proposal in accordance with Council’s feedback, and Dr. Davis presented it again for Council’s additional review. After further discussion, it was decided to table the proposal, with the possibility of taking it up again at some point in the future.


Instructional Grants Committee Report (P. Siska):


Professor Siska noted that the awards program is in its fifth year, with four years completed to date. The program has received 229 proposals and 71 have been funded, for a 41% success rate. The committee will now survey award recipients to find out how this program has impacted them. It was agreed that a Web-based instrument would be the best means of ensuring an adequate response rate for this survey. There is a potential problem in that the RFP has evolved over the years, in particular with respect to the request for specific success criteria. Dr. Nick Laudato, Associate Director of CIDDE, presented a demonstration of Zoomerang, an automated response software program, as well as an in-house system developed by CIDDE. It was subsequently agreed that the CIDDE software would be more suitable for this effort. Before the instrument is finalized, Dr. Carol Baker of OMET will be asked to review the instrument and give feedback. Dr. Blair added that the survey results will be part of a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the awards program that will be sent to the Provost.

5. Adjournment:
  With no other business for discussion, the meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.


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