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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

Thursday, April 15, 2004


11:00 am


3S56 Posvar Hall




A. Blair (Chair), E. Cohn, S. Drescher, K. Etzel, J. Grabowski, J. Harris, S. Husted and P. Wright


Innovation in Education 2004 Proposals Funded; ACIE Innovation in Education Awards Program 2004: Statistics; Intensive Course Enrichment (ICE) Proposal for Course Review and Revision (Revised)


Approval of the Minutes:


A motion was made for the approval of the February 9, 2004 minutes with one error in (4) to be corrected, and the minutes were accepted by the members present.


Innovation in Education Awards Program 2004:


Dr. Blair informed Council members that the Provost approved the recommended proposals for funding and the letters to successful and unsuccessful proposal submitters have been sent. He noted that he would contact the Pitt Chronicle editor regarding an article in an upcoming issue that would announce to the University community the projects selected this year. One Council member asked if follow-up articles on previously-funded awards have appeared in campus publications, and Dr. Blair indicated that this has not been requested by the UTimes or the Chronicle to date. However, this is a good suggestion as a way to publicize some of the program’s success stories, as well as to encourage interest in the program. The Instructional Grants Committee is continuing to review this program, and is considering a web-based survey of funded projects as part of the evaluation of this program. Data were shared on the breakdown of this year’s submitted and funded proposals across the University.

In line with Innovation in Education projects funded this year (and previously), one Council member reported on a very impressive presentation involving the use of a student response system and extensions beyond the classroom. Several other Council members also attended the event. Members noted that CIDDE video-taped the talk and interested faculty should contact CIDDE to review the tape.


Revised Proposal: Intensive Course Enrichment (ICE) (A. Blair):


This proposal was reviewed earlier this year by Council and a group of volunteer Council members met with Dr. Davis and revised the proposal following Council’s discussion. A discussion on this second draft proposal ensued and suggestions and reactions were provided for incorporation into a possible subsequent draft, including the need to clarify the target audience and sources of funding. The proposal stimulated a wide-ranging discussion of the extent to which funding should be available to provide release time for fundamental course revisions.

4. Adjournment:
  With no other business before Council, the meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.



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