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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


3:00-4:00 pm, 826 C.L.


Room 826 Cathedral of learning




A. Blair (Chair), L. Beeson, B. Bidanda, S. Drescher, K. Etzel, J. Harris, S. Husted, R. O’Connor, D. Wilkins, P. Wright, and D. Davis (Staff Liaison)


ACIE Committees and Members 2003-2004 List, Draft RFP 2004; Innovation in Education Awards Evaluation Framework; Committee Minutes and Report from Best Practices Committee for Full Council Discussion; Program for TE Fair

1. Approval of the Minutes:

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the September 29, 2003 meeting that was seconded and approved; the minutes will be published as written.

2. Council Committees:

Dr. Blair informed Council that the committees have now been constituted. He described the focus of the committees for this academic year and noted that the outcomes of their meetings will be reported regularly at full Council meetings.

3. Discussion of Draft RFP 2004:

Dr. Blair called members’ attention to the draft copy of the RFP provided with the agenda. He noted that this document has been revised for this discussion according to the minor changes suggested by Council last year. In going through the document, several members had additional suggestions for changes in the RFP as well as in the process: (a) send a reminder notice via email to deans and department chairs for forwarding to faculty in early December, but no later than the end of finals week; (b) highlight in the cover letter the dollar amount funded by the program; (c) add eligibility in the cover letter; (d) ask deans to announce the grants program at school-wide faculty meetings; and (e) CIDDE liaisons should be asked to inform and remind faculty within their units of the awards program.

4. Agenda Items Flowing from Best Practices Survey Report:

Dr. Wilkins, Chair of the Best Practices Implementation Committee, distributed minutes from its meeting on Thursday, October 9. He subsequently presented the Committee’s suggestions from the report as future Council agenda items for discussion; these were: (a) certificate program in teaching for graduate students (possibly in concert with the UCGS); (b) mid-term course feedback program for faculty; (c) mentoring programs for junior faculty; (d) cohort groups for new faculty and/or newly-tenured faculty; (e) technology baselines for classrooms.


Evaluation of the Instructional Grants Program:


This effort was begun last year by the Instructional Grants Committee with data that had been accumulated. Dr. Blair went through the framework for conducting the evaluation, noting that the feedback from the focus groups was helpful. This year, the effort needs to be completed, possibly by conducting an impact analysis, and it is expected that a report would be available by the end of the year.

6. Teaching Excellence Fair:
  Dr. Davis distributed a draft copy of the events scheduled for the Fair. She noted several special activities that are being presented this year and a few logistical changes based on experience from last year. Professors Harris and Wilkins recommended that graduate students could benefit from attending and suggested that units’ Directors of Graduate Study be contacted to inform their students of this event.
7. Adjournment:

With no other business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.


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