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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Monday, June 2, 2003
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Room 826 Cathedral of learning
Present: A. Blair (Chair), F. Beatrous, L. Beeson, E. Cohn, K. Etzel, M. Greenberg, J. Harris, D. Looney, P. Rogers, J. Samples, P. Siska, S. Smith, and D. Davis (Staff Resource)
1. Approval of the Minutes:

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the December 10, 2002 meeting, and was seconded and approved; the minutes will be published as written.

2. Report of the Chair:

Dr. Blair informed Council that several members’ terms of service are ending this term; these outgoing members are: Reid Andrews, Frank Beatrous, Keith Brown, Dennis Looney, Beth Piraino, Edie Rasmussen, and Jerry Samples. On behalf of the full Council, the Chair extended his appreciation for their service. Dr. Blair then informed Council that the Best Practices report will be submitted to the Provost next week. Council members will receive a copy of the report, from which agenda items will be selected for discussion during the next academic year. In a final item, Dr. Blair followed up on the conversation with Dr. Sam Conte, Chair of the Classroom Management Team, and reported that Dr. Conte would be pleased to have several ACIE members designated to think-through selected topics with the Team. The following Council members volunteered for this project: Profs. S. Smith, J. Harris, and E. Cohn, and Dr. Blair will advise Dr. Conte of their willingness to assist his group.

3. Review of the Innovation in Education Awards 2004 RFP:

In order to prepare for early notification of the awards program this year, Dr. Blair stated that an early start on revising the RFP is appropriate. He reminded Council that several suggestions for improving the RFP for 2004 were offered and recorded at the post-review sessions in March. These were: (a) more public announcements to generate faculty interest; (b) a more “eye-catching” cover page to the RFP; (c) eliminate the requirement of an electronic copy; and (d) extend the submission deadline to the end of January. Additional issues for discussion for inclusion/exclusion in the RFP were (a) summer salary and/or release time, and (b) an extension of funding for phase two funding for previously funded projects. A discussion of these issues followed. Council members suggested and agreed on the following: encouraging the deans and chairs to disseminate the RFP via e-mail, as well as announcing the awards program at faculty meetings; the addition of a list of last year’s winners to the RFP; a brightly-colored cover sheet that alerts the recipient as to what is inside, with a “time value” notation when received in the mail; and the requirement that only the executive summary must be sent electronically. Regarding the summer salary for faculty on 12-month contracts issue, it was noted that a number of people on these contracts may have been discouraged from applying this year as salary money or release time for their participation was not available. It was proposed that 12-month contract faculty could ask for salary replacement of up to one month. In the discussion of granting a second-year award to continue a previously-funded project, Council members agreed that the priority is for one-year of funding and second-year funding would be considered highly unusual, and this should be noted in the RFP.

4. Other Business:

After briefly describing the Faculty Diversity Seminar, Dr. Davis reported that the results of the evaluations received from this year’s Diversity Fellows were outstanding. The Seminar coordinators, Profs. Audrey Murrell (KGSB) and Valire Copeland (SSW), very effectively team-taught the sessions. A major highlight of the evaluations was that participants unanimously would recommend the Seminar to their colleagues. Dr. Davis and her colleagues plan to work on follow-up activities, such as ways to address other diversity issues (e.g., class and ethnicity). Dr. Davis then presented the video of the faculty members who recently won Bellet teaching awards, including Council member Peter Siska. Council was pleased to view the video and suggested that it could be a very useful recruitment tool for recruiting new students.




With no other business before the Council, the meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm.




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