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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2002
Time: 10:00-11:00 am
Location: Room 826 Cathedral of learning
Present: A. Blair (Chair), K. Brown, K. Etzel, M. Greenberg, D. Looney, B. McCloskey, R. O’Connor, B. Piraino, E. Rasmussen, P. Rogers, S. Smith, E. Talbott, P. Wright, and D. Davis (Staff Resource)
Handouts: Draft of CIDDE Best Practices Study: Final Report; Agenda for Fall Meeting of the Learning Technology Consortium
1. Approval of the Minutes:

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the November 12, 2002 meeting, and was seconded and approved; the minutes will be published as written.

2. Announcements:
  Dr. Blair informed Council that the Innovation in Education RFP was sent out to all faculty on all campuses, and proposals are due by January 14, 2003. He asked members to remind colleagues as well, and Dr. Davis will contact CIDDE school liaisons for their help in reminding to faculty about the program and deadline.

3. Best Practices Report (Planning and Benchmarking Committee):

Prof. Brown reported that Dr. Davis and her CIDDE colleagues have surveyed 10 institutions and have prepared a draft document that describes what each institution does with respect to a number of initiatives related to faculty development and teaching-related initiatives, media services and classroom support, and the structure of the unit providing these services, as well as perceived “best practices” and problems encountered in providing services. The Committee will develop a report for Council’s review and consideration, as well as a set of recommendations to the Provost. Prof. Brown noted that this project has been an important exercise that will provide an opportunity for Council to make a serious impact on teaching at the University. In response to a question about the survey process, Dr. Davis briefly described how the information was gathered and informed Council that the draft report is in its final stages.

4. Other Committee Reports:

Prof. Dennis Looney (Chair, Faculty Development Committee) commented that he had attended the LTC luncheon last month, where an informal “best practices” conversation was held during lunch. He was impressed by Wake Forest’s initiative that funded positions in departments, or groups of related departments, specifically for managing technology-related projects as these relate to teaching and the curriculum. These individuals, in addition to their technological training, were also knowledgeable (or held a degree) in the discipline or area in which they are working. Dr. Looney suggested that such technology support persons could possibly serve more than one department, based on number of faculty or discipline/area. Dr. Blair suggested that we should contact Wake Forest and ask about the budgetary requirements for this program.

5. Other Business/Teaching Excellence Fair Report:
  Dr. Davis distributed her “Teaching Excellence Fair 2002 Report” and discussed some of the highlights. She indicated that although there were not many evaluations returned by the participants, the comments received were helpful. She noted that faculty who did attend enjoyed the presentations and demonstrations; but overall, attendance (100+) was not as high as we would like. Council then discussed ways to improve attendance at the TE Fair. Suggested ideas were: change date (Is there a better time in the year for the Fair?); announce the event earlier, more publicity; have more than one event, change location (closer to upper campus, maybe in the Biomedical Science Tower; take to the Regionals); have a school or departments co-sponsor the event; poster sessions only; include other innovative faculty projects; and go back to box lunches and required registration. Dr. Davis was pleased with all of these suggestions and will keep them in mind for planning next year’s Fair.



With no other business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.




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