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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Monday, November 12, 2002
Time: 10:00-11:00 am
Location: Room 826 Cathedral of learning
Present: A. Blair (Chair), F. Beatrous, L. Beeson, K. Brown, E. Cohn, K. Etzel, E. Rasmussen, P. Siska, and D. Davis (Staff Resource)
Handouts: Draft of CIDDE Best Practices Study: Final Report; Agenda for Fall Meeting of the Learning Technology Consortium
1. Approval of the Minutes:
  A motion was made to accept the minutes of the October 14, 2002 meeting, and was seconded and approved; the minutes will be published as written.

2. Announcements:
  Dr. Blair informed Council that (1) the ACIE website is operational, (2) the Innovation in Education RFP was sent out to all faculty on all campuses, and (3) the Deans subsequently were sent an e-mail that included a link to the RFP on the ACIE website and asked them to encourage faculty to submit a proposal.

3. Best Practices” Survey Report Status (D. Davis):

Dr. Davis distributed a first draft of the Best Practices report that was prepared by CIDDE staff and reviewed by the Planning and Best Practices Committee at its monthly meeting. The Committee made two major recommendations for the draft: (1) include at the beginning a summary narrative; the draft is organized according to categories of identified best practices and a summary of overall impressions and recommendations would be helpful; and (2) include Pitt’s best practices within the body of the report. The next step for this process will be to redraft the report and present it again to the Committee members for review; if approved, the report will be brought to the full Council for agreement and subsequent submission to the Provost. Dr. Davis noted that Council may want to add comments, which could accompany the report when finalized. It was agreed that whatever is recommended to the Provost from the study should be in response to an identified University need and fiscally justified. Dr. Blair expressed the hope that future agenda items for the committees and for full Council discussion will emerge from the final report. Dr. Davis also reported that CIDDE is looking at diversity issues for next year’s workshop, sponsored by the Chancellor and Provost, and the survey revealed that this is an area that is being addressed by other institutions.

4. Other Committee Reports:
  Dr. Blair (for the Instructional Grants Committee) reported that the Committee will be preparing for the proposal review process, as well as to begin looking at the Innovation in Education awards program evaluation as charged by Provost Maher. Dr. Davis (for the Faculty Development Committee) reported that this Committee has not yet officially met, but the plans for the Teaching Excellence Fair are underway; on behalf of Dr. Looney (Chair), she encouraged Council members to attend as well as to remind their colleagues of the event. She described some of the scheduled events and noted that to date CIDDE had 40 registrations. She also reported that the license for the turnitin.com software, which will be demonstrated at the TE Fair, expires at the end of the year. Although it was recommended to CSSD that it be renewed, their budget monies for software purchases this fiscal year had already been expended; thus, it will be considered for next year’s budget. In response to several general questions regarding plagiarism software, Dr. Davis offered to demonstrate turnitit.com at a future Council meeting.

5. Other Business:
  Dr. Davis reported briefly on the Fall meeting of the Learning Technology Consortium, which was hosted by the University of Pittsburgh on November 7 and 8. For new Council members’ benefit, she briefly described the composition and focus of the Consortium. She distributed a copy of the meeting’s agenda and discussion topics, and highlighted some of the recent activities undertaken by LTC member institutions. Dr. Blair noted that the LTC recommended that a comparison of web course management systems be placed on the agenda for the spring meeting. This led to a brief discussion about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how provisions in this Act must be addressed by the University for certifiedly disabled individuals. Dr. Blair agreed that this was an important topic for a discussion at a future Council meeting. He also recognized Dr. Davis and her colleagues for their hard work in preparing for the LTC meeting.



With no other business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned at 11:05 am.




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