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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Monday, October 14, 2002
Time: 3:00-4:00 pm
Location: Room 826 Cathedral of learning
Present: A. Blair (Chair), L. Beeson, K. Brown, E. Cohn, M. Greenberg, J. Harris, D. Looney, B. Piraino, J. Samples, P. Siska, R. Wasserman, D. Davis (Staff Resource), and Cindy Lu (CIDDE)
Handouts: ACIE Committees and Members List; Teaching Excellence Fair 2002 Estimated Budget
1. Approval of the Minutes:
  A motion was made to accept the minutes of the September 20, 2002 meeting, seconded and approved. The minutes will be published as written.

2. ACIE Website Review (C. Lu):
  Dr. Blair introduced Ms. Cindy Lu, CIDDE Instructional Technologist, who has been responsible for overseeing the construction of the new ACIE website and who will continue to maintain the site with the approval of additional content remaining with the Chair. In going through the pages, Ms. Lu highlighted several areas that could be supplemented; for example, additional questions for the FAQs section, inclusion of this year=s RFP, minutes for the spring term 2002, and links to members= personal homepages. Council members were pleased with the site and several questions were suggested for the FAQs: How are Council members selected? and What steps can I take to improve my teaching? These questions with answers will be included as early as possible. Dr. Blair thanked Ms. Lu and Mr. Nick Laudato (Associate Director, CIDDE, who was unable to attend the meeting) for all of the excellent work they have provided.

3. Innovation in Educations Award 2003:

RFP: (A. Blair) Dr. Blair indicated that, after asking several continuing Council Members to serve as chair of the Instructional Grants Committee who were unable to make the time commitment, he will serve as chair this year. The Committee, including invited guest Dr. Eric Beckman, former Council member and Committee Chair, who agreed to serve as consultant this year, went through last year=s RFP and made some changes in accordance with the comments received after the two review sessions this past spring. Dr. Blair then pointed out to Council the specific changes in the document, noting that there was no major redrafting. In response, Council members suggested word clarifications in several sentences and then discussed ways of sending advance notice of the RFP to faculty, such as e-mails to Deans referencing the RFP on the Council website for forwarding to their faculties. There were several questions regarding the review process and a suggestion was made regarding a revision in the reviewer evaluation form, which will be discussed at a future meeting.

4. Other Committee Reports:
  Planning and Best Practices Committee (K. Brown). Dr. Brown reported that the interviews with the institutions participating in the Best Practices survey have been completed, and Dr. Davis and her colleagues are in the process of drafting the report. The Committee will meet by the end of October and review the draft. The report will be an agenda item for the November Council meeting.

Faculty Development Committee (D. Looney): Although the Committee has not formally met, Dr. Looney reported that he had spoken with Dr. Joanne Nicoll regarding planning for the November 15 Teaching Excellence Fair. The brochure will go out to all faculty on all campuses during the last week of October. He informed Council about some of events being planned for the Fair; for example, 14 funded project presentations, small group discussions on teaching led by University faculty, demonstrations by CIDDE of software programs (e.g., Turnitin) and other instructional technologies. CIDDE has also addressed several issues mentioned in last year=s evaluations, such as the noise level in the ballroom. Dr. Looney also asked for volunteers to staff the Advisory Council table (Linda Wykoff will provide coordination). He also encouraged Council members to bring this event to the attention of their colleagues and suggested that an announcement at the next Senate Council meeting might be appropriate.




With no further agenda items, the meeting was adjourned at 4:20 pm.




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