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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2002
Time: 11:00am-12:00 noon
Location: Room 815 Alumni Hall
Present: A. Blair (Chair), E. Beckman, K. Brown, C. Fuhrman, D. Moser, S. Mazumdar, G. Stoehr, D. Wilkins, and D. Davis (Staff Resource); Others: N. Laudato and C. Lu.
Handouts: Teaching Excellence Fair–Fall 2001, Draft Memorandum to Innovation in Education Grant Recipients 2000
1. Approval of the May Meeting Minutes:
  A motion to accept the minutes of the May 13, 2002 minutes was made and seconded; the minutes will stand as written.
2. Report of the Chair:

Dr. Blair informed Council that seven of the current members will be rotating off this year; they are: Drs. Eric Beckman (Engineering), Carl Fuhrman (Medicine), Sati Mazumdar (Public Health), Don Moser (Business), Gary Stoehr (Pharmacy), David Wilkins (FAS Humanities) and Tim Ziaukas (Bradford). Dr. Blair thanked Drs. Beckman and Wilkins for their long period of service, noting that they have been members since Council was formed by the Provost in 1998, as well as all outgoing members who made excellent contributions to Council. Dr. Blair informed the group that Deans would be contacted shortly to recommend new members.

Dr. Blair introduced Nick Laudato (Associate Director of CIDDE) and Cindy Lu (Instructional Designer) who have been working on the ACIE Webpage at the request of the Chair. Mr. Laudato proceeded to demonstrate the revised ACIE Webpage for Council’s preview, pointing out the updated look of the page as well as the user-friendly features it will contain. The Website is not yet available for public access at this time, but the URL was given to Council members so that they could review it at their leisure and make additional suggestions. Dr. Davis informed Council of the process for additions or revisions of the Website’s contents; these will be done through Linda Wykoff, who will consult with Dr. Blair, and pass on to Ms. Lu, designated Webmaster for the site. Council members present were pleased with what has been done so far and expressed eagerness to help in the Website’s development.

3. Reports of the Committees

Planning and Benchmarking (K. Brown): On behalf of the Committee, Dr. Davis informed Council that this Committee has not met recently, but the Best Practices study is continuing. She noted that over the summer, it gets increasingly harder to reach people and predicted that the completion of the study, including a full written report focusing on best practices, will be sent to the Provost in October 2002.

Faculty Development (D. Looney): On behalf of the Committee, Dr. Davis reported on the Summer Institutes and distributed a handout that listed the scheduled sessions along with the number of faculty in attendance, overall feedback from attendees, examples of comments received, and suggestions for follow-up activities. In commenting on the Course Development and Redesign offering, which is scheduled individually over a two-month period, she noted that the in the first year this was offered, only three faculty members signed up. Now in its third year, she was pleased to inform Council that 30 time slots were filled.

Instructional Grants (E. Beckman): Dr. Beckman presented his report on the demographics for the Innovation in Education proposals received and funded over the past three years, noting that the current data are only cumulative numbers and that we should defer plotting trends until the five-year mark. His report gave statistics on the following: number and percentage of applications by unit; number and percentage of awards by unit; number of applications/grants by (a) Medicine and the health science schools, (b) graduate/professional schools, and (c) regional campuses; and participation of female faculty in the program, both submitted and funded. Council members commented on the usefulness of these data, particularly in identifying units of the University that could be targeted for increased participation in the awards program. They also made several small suggestions for revision in the categories and requested that the presentation subsequently be posted on the ACIE Website.

4. New Faculty Orientation/Teaching Excellence Fair:

Dr. Davis informed the Advisory Council of the date (August 22) and events for New Faculty Orientation and circulated an advance copy of the brochure. Council members will be invited to attend the sessions and luncheon if their schedules permit.

The Teaching Excellence Fair will be held November 15, and Council members will again be asked to participate in this event. Last year, Council members met with faculty members and answered questions about the Innovation in Education Award program. The TE Fair will be discussed in more depth in the Fall when Council meetings resume.




After thanking the Advisory Council for their service, Dr. Blair adjourned the meeting at 12:15 pm.



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