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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2002
Time: 9:00-10:00 am
Location: Room 826 CL
Present: A. Blair, F. Beatrous, E. Beckman, K. Etzel, D. Looney, D. Moser, J. Samples, G. Stoehr, D. Wilkins, P. Wright, and D. Davis (Staff Resource).
Handouts: Teaching Excellence Fair–Fall 2001, Draft Memorandum to Innovation in Education Grant Recipients 2000
1. Approval of the February 12, 2002 Meeting Minutes:
   Minutes were distributed prior to the meeting for members’ review; a motion for approval was made and seconded and formally adopted as written.

2. Report of the Chair (A. Blair):
  Dr. Blair reported that the latest edition of the Pitt Campaign Chronicle contains a front-page story on the Innovation in Education 2002 funded projects. He noted that CIDDE’s Teaching Times fall issue will also focus on the projects.

3. Reports of the Committee Chairs
  1. Planning and Benchmarking Committee (G. Stoehr): Dr. Stoehr reported on the current status of the best practices survey that is being conducted on behalf of the Council by Dr. Davis and her CIDDE colleagues. Seven of the 10 selected institutions have been completed. The Committee requested that Dr. Davis present a preliminary report on the effort at the May Advisory Council meeting. It was agreed that the highlights of the best practices survey will be placed on the May agenda.
  2. Faculty Instructional Development Committee (D. Looney): Dr. Davis reported on the enrollments in the Summer Institutes to date. She indicated that the workshop on test design (to be offered by Dr. Carol E. Baker, OMET) has 26 faculty members enrolled so far, the session on teaching larger courses has 46 faculty registered, and 16 faculty have signed on for the individual course design consultation services offered over the summer. Dr. Looney presented the budget estimate for the Summer Institute offerings that was discussed at the Committee meeting.
  3. Instructional Grants Committee/Debriefing (E. Beckman): Dr. Beckman reminded Council that everyone should have received his e-mail that captured the discussion at the second review meeting (March 26, 2002). The discussion revolved around suggestions for “fine-tuning” the 2003 RFP that will facilitate the review process (such as an executive summary), as well as to require a written report from Project Directors on completed projects for the evaluation of the instructional grants program requested by Provost Maher. In looking at the list of proposals funded, he noted several things: (1) there was a wide spectrum of proposals submitted from units across the University, (2) the quality of the proposals continues to improve, and (3) the number received has not dropped significantly. In response to a question about the demographics of the submissions over the past three years, which will be helpful in the program evaluation effort, Dr. Beckman offered to present an analysis of the statistics during the next Council meeting.

    The focus of discussion then shifted to the upcoming Teaching Excellence Fair. A Council member asked if there was some way to better include Regional Campuses faculty and suggested taking part of the Fair to these campuses. Dr. Davis indicated that we would need to know what these faculty would find useful and suggested that an ITV seminar or demonstration could be arranged. Council members were very receptive to this idea, and Dr. Beckman said he was willing to help.

    Dr. Blair asked Dr. Beckman, whose term of service to Council expires at the end of this academic year, if he would be willing to serve as consultant to the awards program next year. Dr. Beckman was pleased to accept and encouraged Council members to send him an e-mail if they had any additional suggestions or comments for the next year’s review process.
4. Report on the Spring Learning Technology Consortium Meeting (D. Davis):
  Dr. Davis reported that she and Dr. Blair attended this meeting, which was hosted by the University of Delaware. Dr. Blair reported to the group about Council’s Innovation in Education awards program. Among the various suggestions offered by the participants, included the sharing of ideas for faculty collaboration on projects. The group also toured the Delaware facilities, which included a demonstration of a recently-opened classroom that is modeled closely after the Mosier classroom in the School of Engineering, as well as an Accounting class (in session) that used wireless computing. The Fall meeting of the LTC will be held in Pittsburgh on November 7 and 8. Dr. Davis requested Council’s suggestions and help in planning this meeting; this topic will be on the September agenda.

5. Adjournment:
  The meeting adjourned at 10:00 am.



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