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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence
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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Friday, January 11, 2002
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm
Location: Room 826 CL
Present: A. Blair (Chair), F. Beatrous, D. Looney, S. Mazumdar, J. Samples, P. Siska, G. Stoehr, E. Talbott, R. Wasserman, D. Wilkins, P. Wright, and D. Davis.
Handouts: Agenda and Minutes of the Learning Technology Consortium, December 13 -14
1. Approval of the December 6, 2001 Minutes:
  Advisory Council members received the minutes of the December meeting for review prior to the meeting. The minutes were approved.

2. Report of the Chair:
  Dr. Blair reminded Council members that Innovation in Education proposals are due on Tuesday, January 29. This deadline was extended two weeks from the intended submission date due to the delayed printing and mailing of the RFP. At the next Council meeting, the proposal review process and the all-day session will be discussed.

3. Report of the Planning and Benchmarking Committee:
  Dr. Diane Davis reported that this Committee has not met recently, but CIDDE is in the process of data collection for the Best Practices survey.

4. Summer Institute/Faculty Development Committee Report:
   Dr. Dennis Looney recapped the proposal for the Summer Institute, presented at the December meeting, as well as Council’s discussion, particularly on the topic “teaching large classes.” As a result, the Committee will ask the Registrar to provide data on class distribution so that a definition of “large classes” can be formed. Issues this session might address are: interaction with students and how this can be accomplished; questions related to testing, assessment and grading of group work; how to manage TAs and other normal classroom activities (e.g., distribution of papers, attendance, rules/parameters). There is some research available on this topic and there are faculty on this campus who use effective techniques for handling large classes and who would be asked to participate in this session. It was also suggested that the Committee begin to think about next year’s summer offerings in the near future. Dr. Davis also asked Council members to suggest faculty members whom were known to be effective in teaching larger classes and who she could contact to serve as possible presenters at the session.

5. Report on the Fall Meeting of the Learning Technology Consortium (LTC):
  Dr. Davis reported that she, Dr. Blair and Vice Provost Robert Pack attended the rescheduled meeting (from September) of the LTC, held this year at Virginia Tech University. She also distributed a copy of the agenda and a copy of the minutes. Although the University of Pittsburgh group missed the beginning of the meeting due to travel delays, the first day was comprised of the Consortium members’ campus updates. These presentations, which are extremely valuable, include the technological and other related issues a particular campus is dealing with and how these are resolved. She drew Council members’ attention to the minutes section that illustrated what the Consortium is currently addressing through individual groups in preparation for investigative studies and an eventual monograph.

Dr. Davis also reminded the Council that the University will host the Learning Technology Consortium in September 2002 and hopes that Council members will be involved in planning for this meeting.

6. Adjournment:
  With a reminder that the next meeting is February 12, 10-11 am, Dr. Blair adjourned the meeting at 2:50pm.



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