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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence

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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Friday, June 15, 2001
11:00am-12:00 noon
Room 826 CL
A. Blair (Chair), R. Andrews, D. Bartholomae, E. Beckman, K. Brown;, J. Greenberg, J. Manfredi, S. Mazumdar, T. Metzger, G. Stoehr, K. Van Lehn, and D. Davis (Staff Resource)
Teaching Excellence Fair–Fall 2001, Draft Memorandum to Innovation in Education Grant Recipients 2000
Approval of the May 21, 2001 Meeting Minutes:
Minutes were distributed for members’ review and subsequently were approved by members present.
Report of the Chair:
Dr. Blair informed Council that nine members’ terms expire at the end of this academic year. They are: Drs. David Bartholomae, Eric Beckman, David Beretan, Janelle Greenberg, Beverly Harris-Schenz, Juan Manfredi, Richard Scaglion, Kurt Van Lehn, and David Wilkins. Dr. Thomas Metzger, ex officio member, will also leave Council this year as he has been elected as Vice President of the University Senate. He will continue to serve until a new Chair of the Educational Policies Committee is designated. All members were thanked for their service and advice during their membership term. New appointees will be in place for the next academic year. A schedule of Advisory Council meetings for next year will be sent to all new and continuing members prior to the September meeting.
Preparation for the October 2001 Teaching Excellence Conference:
Dr. Diane Davis distributed a document, Teaching Excellence Fair–Fall 2001, indicating that the name of this event has been changed from conference to “Fair,” which better reflects the variety of the planned activities. The date will be Friday, November 16, 2001 and will be held in the Masonic Temple Ballroom. Although it was originally planned for the month of October, the Faculty Development Committee selected this date because it will closely follow the distribution of the RFP to all faculty for the Innovation in Education 2002 Awards Program, and Advisory Council members could be available to answer questions regarding the grants program and proposal submission. Dr. Davis also distributed a draft memorandum to last year’s program project directors, informing them of the Fair and how we would like them to participate. Project directors are expected to prepare a visual display of their projects as well as to conduct two 20-minute presentations, which will be scheduled between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Dr. Blair agreed to send out such a memorandum as soon as possible.

In response to a request by Dr. Davis for comments and suggestions, Dr. Beckman stressed the importance of publicity to ensure a successful event. He suggested that faculty at other local universities might be invited. Other targeted groups that were mentioned by Council members were Department Chairs, who should be contacted personally and asked to encourage faculty attendance; the Graduate Professional Students Association; the newly-funded project directors; and educational software vendors, who may have new items to offer and/or preview. Dr. Blair suggested that a timeline would be very helpful in planning this event. Council members were enthusiastic about the proposed plans and will look forward to further updates as well as to participating in the event in November.

Suggested Benchmarking Implementation Steps:
Dr. Davis informed Advisory Council members that she has put together a CIDDE staff task force to work on the benchmarking process, which is currently in the information-gathering stage. Through various sources, such as the Web, they are gathering as much information as they can without directly contacting the selected universities (see the ACIE Minutes of the May 21, 2001 meeting for names). The group will also meet with the Classroom Management Committee to get input from them regarding classroom resources and possible contact persons at each institution. Other preparations include the drafting of survey questions addressing media services; contacting Dr. Rush Miller or other ULS administrator for input on video/film libraries; and compiling a list of University-wide awards for teaching. Dr. Davis indicated that they will try to move on this as quickly as possible and would welcome Council members’ involvement. Dr. Blair noted that the results of the process should be shared with the participating institutions, which would give them an incentive to provide requested data.
Dr. Blair again thanked the Advisory Council for their many contributions; in particular, to those members who are leaving this year. There were no additional items for discussion, and the meeting adjourned at noon.



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