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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence

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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2001
Time: 4:00-5:00 pm
Location: Room 826 CL
Present: A. Blair, D. Bartholomae, T. Metzger, G. Stoehr, D. Wilkins, and D. Davis (Staff Resource)
Handouts: Innovation in Education 2001 Funded Proposals
1. Approval of the February 19, 2001 Meeting Minutes:
  Minutes were distributed prior to the meeting for members’ review and subsequently approved by members present..
2. Announcements:

Dr. Blair drew the Council members’ attention to the April 16 edition of the Pitt Campaign Chronicle which carried a front-page article on the 15 Innovation in Education 2001 funded teaching proposals. He, as well as the members present, were pleased with the article and the quality of the publication overall. Secondly, Dr. Blair requested that “benchmarking” be an agenda item for the next meeting (May 21). As this area had been discussed earlier in the year, Council needs to identify in which aspects it wants to begin this task.

Dr. Blair also announced that an online survey on classroom utilization, developed with encouragement from the Planning and Benchmarking Committee, was recently sent to faculty for feedback by the Classroom Management Team (chaired by University Registrar Sam Conte. Participants received an e-mail asking them to fill out the survey online or request a hard copy for completion. There were 600 respondents, and the data will be analyzed and shared with the various committees. Dr. Diane Davis noted that Dr. Conte’s committee has developed and submitted suggested guidelines to the Provost’s Office that addresses minimum classroom equipment standards. These guidelines recommend improvements, averaging $3,000 per room, and are broken down into several categories of enhancement.

3. Debriefing of the Review Meetings 2001:

Council members gave their thoughts about the process utilized this year and suggestions for the next year, Dr. Blair informed those present of the status of this year’s awards. He noted that we have notified award winners and have provided reviewers’ written comments to unsuccessful project directors. Several comments regarding this year’s review process were offered by members. It was agreed that a standardized budget review for all proposals in the top tier would be implemented next year. The absence of ACIE funded projects in several schools or major areas which submitted multiple proposals was noted by members and there was some discussion as to why this is happening. It was suggested that the unfunded proposals in these units be analyzed to ascertain the reasons (if any) as to why they had not been selected. Council members agreed that next year’s RFP should be clearer regarding definitions of terminology, budget restrictions, and required documentation. The issue of a separate grants program to fund course development that was discussed earlier in the year was raised and a draft for Council discussion will be prepared.

Dr. Davis informed the members that she will be sending an e-mail regarding the Innovation in Education 2000 poster session slated for October 2001. In thinking through this event, she and her CIDDE colleagues are willing to help the project directors to prepare their presentations/posters. These professionally prepared posters could then be placed on the website to showcase the results of the funded projects, as well as to draw attention the grants program. She agreed to bring a sample poster with a cost estimate to the May meeting.

4. Other Business:
  There were no additional issues for discussion.
5. Adjournment:
  The meeting was adjourned at 4:55pm.


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