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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence

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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Monday, February 19, 2001
Time: 3:00-4:00 pm
Location: Room 826 CL
Present: A. Blair, D. Bartholomae, E. Beckman, D. Beretan, B. Harris-Schenz, J. Manfredi, S. Mazumdar, T. Metzger, D. Moser, D. Wilkins, and D. Davis (Staff Resource).
Handouts: Revised List of Innovation in Education 2001 Proposals
1. Approval of the January 25, 2001 Meeting Minutes:
  Minutes were distributed prior to the meeting for members’ review and subsequently were approved as written for posting on the website.
2. Report of the Chair:

Dr. Blair informed the Advisory Council that he would be attending the next meeting of the Instructional Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) to report on the activities of the Advisory Council, with emphasis on the instructional grants program.


3. Reports of the Committees:
  1. Planning and Benchmarking Committee (G. Stoehr): Professor Gary Stoehr was unable to attend the meeting but sent a brief report which was given by Dr. Blair. He informed Council that the Committee had developed a draft letter to the Provost transmitting its recommendations on the CIDDE staffing request, as requested at last month’s Advisory Council meeting. The Committee is scheduling a second meeting with Dr. Sam Conte, University Registrar, to receive the results of Dr. Conte’s discussion with the Classroom Management Committee on the issue of minimum standards for classrooms. The Committee should next look at benchmarking in the area of faculty/instructional development and support. Dr. Diane Davis noted that CIDDE would assist in formal benchmarking of faculty development; however, informal benchmarking has been done through the meetings of the Learning Technology Consortium, where there was the opportunity to see first-hand the operation of the host members’ institutions, as well as through presentations made at the meetings of Educause. Dr. Davis and her staff have also made individual campus visits (most recently to Rutgers) and have done some informal benchmarking in the area of media services. Council members then offered CIDDE and the Committee suggestions regarding benchmarking faculty development programs and media services; for example, (i) several members agreed that benchmarking should not only be quantitative but also should be qualitative and related to the mission of the institution; (ii) others noted that benchmarking may be difficult because of the varying missions of other institutions; (iii) there was support for selecting the major comprehensive research universities as a basis for benchmarking; and (iv) a final suggestion was that the Council should try to benchmark by identifying impediments to good teaching and what strategies other institutions use to overcome them. Dr. Blair concluded with the observation that this is an important agenda item for further discussion at future meetings.
  2. Faculty Instructional Development Committee (D. Bartholomae): Professor Bartholomae noted that his Committee met and approved this year’s Summer Instructional Development Institutes program. In the future, the Committee asked that more emphasis be placed on the individual consulting sessions and to develop these programs in consultation with departments or schools (if not organized on a departmental basis). His Committee suggested that individual units be contacted to determine what they need and how best to meet those needs. In discussing the issue of a small course development grants program (based on the FAS Summer Research Grants), the Committee agreed that it was too late for this year but would like to consider it further. They will need to determine what the relationship of this type of program would be to the current Innovation in Education grants program (i.e., part of that process and budget or a separate program). If a separate program, questions such as where the resources would come from and how much could be made available, would need to be answered. Dr. Blair agreed that further discussion within Council is needed and should occur at a future meeting.
  3. Instructional Grants Committee (E. Beckman): Professor Eric Beckman, in reference to the above, noted that some of the proposals received this year and last might fall under the suggested type of funding. His report then turned to the proposal review sessions scheduled for next month. He stressed that detailed reviewer comments are needed for the review session, as well as for possible feedback to those submitting proposals. Professor Beckman asked reviewers to send completed reviews to Mrs. Wykoff prior to the proposal review session.
    Dr. Blair informed Council members that a memorandum had been sent to current ACIE award Project Directors reminding them that project accounts must be balanced by the end of April, when their grant funding expires. In response, several project directors have requested short extensions to finish their projects, which were granted. When asked if another year’s extension should be considered, Council voted unanimously against this action.
4. Adjournment:
  The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.


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