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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence

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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Date: Monday, November 13, 2000
Time: 4:00-5:00 pm
Location: Room 826 CL
Present: A. Blair (Chair), D. Bartholomae, D. Beratan, E. Beckman, K. Brown, J. Manfredi, T. Metzger, D. Moser, J. Samples (via telephone), R. Scaglion, K. Van Lehn, D. Wilkins, and D. Davis (Staff Resource)
Handouts: Meeting Notes of ACIE Faculty Development Committee
1. Approval of Minutes:

Council members received the minutes of the October 4, 2000 meeting. No corrections were indicated and the motion for approval of the minutes as written was made and seconded.


2. Report of the Chair:

Dr. Andrew Blair noted that the RFP for the Innovations in Education Awards 2001 has been sent to all University faculty in Pittsburgh and the four regional campuses and inquiries and requests for assistance are starting to come both to the Provost’s Office and to CIDDE. Dr. Blair reported that he had attended all three of the recent Committee meetings. He also commented on the discussions regarding CourseInfo and the associated computer difficulties, which are in the process of being addressed.


3. Reports of the Committees:
  1. Planning and Benchmarking: Professor Keith Brown (Chair) reported that his committee discussed a range of concerns expressed by many faculty members regarding “barriers to instructional excellence” and suggested setting minimum standards for University classrooms (chairs, podium, lighting, equipment, etc.) and who should be contacted if essential items are missing. After some discussion, Council agreed that this should be a topic for further investigation. Dr. Sam Conte, University Registrar, who chairs the Classroom Management Team, will be invited to attend a future Committee meeting.
  2. Faculty Development. Professor David Bartholomae (Chair) reported that his committee discussed and made recommendations on the following issues: the Teaching Excellence Workshops’ low attendance; the Summer Instructional Development Institute’s most successful programs; and funding for instructional development initiatives. Council members agreed with the following recommen-dations: (1) CIDDE should reduce the Teaching Excellence Workshops to a small core of higher enrollment offerings and concentrate its efforts on working with individual faculty, departments, and smaller units with specific instructional development needs; (2) funds should again be provided next year (2001) for a session from an outside presenter in conjunction with the Chancellor’s Diversity Seminar, and CIDDE should focus its summer efforts on the Individual Consultation sessions; and (3) Council members also agreed to consider a program next year, modeled on the FAS Third Term Course Enhancement Grants, to fund small grants for faculty or faculty groups to support the development of new courses or the revision of existing courses.
  3. Instructional Grants. Professor Eric Beckman (Chair) reviewed the discussions within his committee related to preparing for the proposal review process in the Spring Term and for developing a format for the final report from currently-funded project directors which will elicit measurable data for evaluating the grants program. They are recommending a Saturday meeting in March for full Council review, followed by a two-hour decision making meeting during the following week. Council members’ availability for dates in March will be sought in the near future.
4. Adjournment:
  The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.


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