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Advisory Council Instructional Excellence

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Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence Meeting
Wednesday, October 4, 2000
3:00-4:00 pm
Room 826 CL
A. Blair (Chair), D. Bartholomae, D. Beratan, C. Fuhrman, J. Manfredi, T. Metzger, R. Scaglion, G. Stoehr, D. Wilkins and D. Davis (Staff Resource)
Teaching Times (October 2000); Revised Draft of RFP
Approval of Minutes:

Council members received a copy of the minutes from the September 8, 2000 meeting. No corrections were indicated, and the minutes were approved as written.


Report of the Chair:

Dr. Blair reviewed the composition and the restructuring of the ACIE subcommittees. The three subcommittees are now committees of the Advisory Council and two have been renamed. The three Committees are: Planning and Benchmarking (formerly Faculty Development), Faculty Development (formerly Instructional Development Programs), and Instructional Grants. These changes reflect the Council’s responsibilities as charged by Provost Maher at the September meeting. The Planning and Benchmarking Committee will routinely take a look at what is going on elsewhere and inform Council and will assess, from a strategic point of view, ongoing and emerging faculty development needs, as well as advise the Provost (this year) on CIDDE staffing requests. The Faculty Development Committee will review and give advice on the ongoing CIDDE workshops and Summer Institutes. The Instructional Grants Committee is charged with oversight of the instructional grants program (generating the Request for Proposals and the proposal review process) and this year will begin to work on an evaluation of this program. All Advisory Council members have selected or been assigned to membership on at least one committee. The chairs are as follows: L. Keith Brown (Planning and Benchmarking), David Bartholomae (Faculty Development), and Eric Beckman (Instructional Grants Program). Dr. Diane Davis, as Staff Resource for both the full Advisory Council and the three committees, informed members that her office would be setting up the routine monthly meetings over the next week or so.


Update on RFP and Proposal Review Process:

In the absence of the Instructional Grants Committee chair, Professor Eric Beckman, Dr. Blair informed Council members present of the status of this year’s RFP. The Instructional Grants Committee met following the September Advisory Council meeting and discussed the suggested changes for incorporation into the document. Issues that were reviewed by the Committee and agreed on with respect to the ACIE Grants Timeline were: (a) the elimination of the open meeting and the information session for grantwriters; (b) a change in the proposal due date from February 15 to January 16 to allow sufficient time for review; (c) the addition of a follow-up meeting for full Council prior to final decision; (d) a poster session combined with a teaching excellence conference/celebration of teaching event (possibly in October 2001) to showcase projects funded during the 2000 academic year; and (e) a future Advisory Council meeting would focus on a discussion of the criteria for proposal review. The suggested inclusion of an “Intent to Submit” step was discussed in-depth regarding its possible elimination, based on the concern that this extra step may discourage faculty from participating, possibly resulting in a drop-off of proposal submissions. The Committee agreed to bring this issue before the full Council at the next meeting for discussion and final decision. In referring to the draft RFP that was distributed, Dr. Blair asked for Council’s approval of omitting the “intent to submit” statement (as above) and for any general comments and suggestions for the final RFP. Further consensus was reached to include the total amount of dollars funded last year, the addition of e-mail addresses to the Advisory Council membership list, and the omission of the “intent to submit” abstract. Dr. Blair thanked everyone for their excellent suggestions, which will be incorporated into the final copy.

Update on CIDDE Faculty Development Workshops and Summer Institutes:

Dr. Diane Davis, Director of CIDDE, distributed an advance copy of the October 2000 issue of Teaching Times, which focuses on the Chancellor’s Faculty Diversity Seminar held this past summer. Last spring, the Advisory Council suggested that a specific workshop on diversity be added to the Summer Institutes program. Council was reminded of the Chancellor’s program and then agreed that rather than offer a similar session, it could be coordinated with the Chancellor’s annual program. CIDDE and the members of the (former) Instructional Development Programs subcommittee took the lead in this effort. Dr. Barbara Love, from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, was invited to present a workshop. Her workshop had 32 participants and was extremely well received. As a result of this success, Professor Audrey Murrell requested future collaboration on this particular event. Dr. Davis assured that this planning would involve both the full Advisory Council and its Faculty Development Committee.

In informing the Advisory Council about other Summer Institutes’ highlights, Dr. Davis reported that another popular session offered flexible, individual consulting for course development and redesign (11 people from across the University took advantage of this course). The two-day session on CourseInfo, held at the Johnstown Campus, was attended by nine members and generated positive evaluations. The session on cooperative learning, presented by Dr. Karl Smith of the University of Minnesota, was attended by 29 people and rated highly.

In closing, Dr. Davis called members’ attention to the CIDDE webpages, in particular the Faculty Development link. She mentioned that Dr. Alan Lesgold and his subcommittee were instrumental in the development of this site with their suggestion that CIDDE put more of its faculty development information online; she then offered to conduct a tour of the website at a future meeting..

New Business:
There were no new issues to bring before the group at this time, and the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.


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