Minutes of the Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence
Friday, September 17, 1999
3 PM, 817 CL

In attendance: Albrecht, Bean, Beckman, Bell-Loncella, Blair, Davis, Flechtner, Greenberg, Maher, VanLehn, Wilkins

Absent: Bartholomae (on sabbatical), Beratan, Harris-Schenz, Lesgold, Lillie, Manfredi, Marsh, Scaglion, Schor, Whitney

Handouts:  Proposed Request for Proposals: Small Grant Program to Support Innovations in Education

1. Report of the Chair and Charge to the Council

 Provost James Maher said that the Council had launched a successful year in its implementation and was poised to continue a second year of achievement.  He announced that Vice Provost Andrew Blair would be assuming the Chair at the October meeting.  Consistent with his custom of setting the charge for the year's activities of his reporting major committees and councils, Provost Maher summarized the Council's activities and achievements and proposed its action agenda for the year.

 Dr Lesgold's sub-committee advising the Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education (CIDDE) had reviewed the Center's activities and endorsed its organizational structure and a plan for filling staff vacancies.  He suggested the sub-committee should continue its discussions of ongoing activities CIDDE should develop or continue in order to support the instructional needs of faculty.  He noted that Dr Davis was launching activities peculiar to each school, and he said Dr Lesgold's group should continue an ongoing discussion of those activities.

 Dr Bartholomae's sub-committee on establishing a systematic summer program for faculty development in instructional technology, which would be chaired by Professor Flechtner during his sabbatical absence, had reviewed the previous summer's program of technology training for faculty and endorsed a schedule of activities planned for the recent past summer.  The Provost suggested that the sub-committee develop an ongoing program for keeping faculty up to date on technology instruction.

 Dr Beckman's sub-committee on planning a small grants curriculum development program had been developing guidelines for the program, which would begin in the current year; selecting awardees would be an ongoing activity of the Council.

2. Report of the sub-committee on planning a small grants curriculum development program

 Dr Beckman said the sub-committee members had developed a proposed Request for Proposals (RFP), copies of which he distributed for discussion.  The Provost said the Council had from $200,000 to a maximum of $250,000 to award, although some of the funds might be needed for the summer program for faculty development in instructional technology.  Following discussion, it was agreed that an unspecified number of awards would be made, and both small and large grant proposals would be invited.  Foundation or corporate support for instructional innovation awards could be solicited.  Dr Beckman agreed to incorporate Council suggestions into a final RFP document for the next meeting.

 Provost Maher said that the current Council members had been carefully selected for their superiority as teachers and scholars in the hopes of establishing a new culture on campus, one that placed even higher value on instructional excellence and faculty development.  He reported that his recent remarks at Senate Council, in which he provided an update on activities of the Council for Instructional Excellence, had been very favorably received.  He acknowledged the diligence and hard work of Council members and thanked them for their efforts.  He explained that in the coming weeks he would be notifying members of their staggered terms of office and, later on, would be soliciting rotational replacements from deans for terms to begin in September, 2000.

 The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM.