Minutes of the Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence
Thursday, April 15, 1999
2 PM, 817 CL

In attendance: Albrecht, Bartholomae, Beckman, Bell-Loncella, Davis, Flechtner, Lesgold, Lillie, Maher, Manfredi, Marsh, Schor, Whitney, Wilkins

Absent: Bean, Beratan, Greenberg, Harris-Schenz, Scaglion, VanLehn

Handouts: Subcommittee assignments, Communication lists, Rudy Weingartner proposal for an Academy for Learning and Teaching

1. Opening Remarks

 Provost Maher announced that the Council's website had been posted and was accessible through the Provost's Office homepage under "committees" or the University's top level page "For Faculty and Staff" under "instructional support."

2. Subcommittee Formation

 Provost Maher distributed copies of the Council's communication and Subcommittee assignment lists, which would aid members in their Subcommittee work.  He also distributed copies of a non-funded proposal for an Academy for Learning and Teaching submitted under former-Provost Rudy Weingartner.  He explained that it might prove useful to members but cautioned that some of its suggestions would be very expensive.  He added that while resources were available to fund activities of the Council, Subcommittee suggestions would be competing for these finite resources.  He said that as Diane Davis would be a staff resource for all three of the Subcommittees, she should schedule the meetings.

 a. Establishing a summer program for faculty development in instructional technology
 Provost Maher explained that the pilot program to train faculty with large sections of freshmen in the use of Course Info would continue this summer.  Dr. Davis explained that CIDDE had three intensive experiences planned: 1) a week long training program on Course Info, similar to last summer's pilot program; 2) a similar program for faculty with minimal computing experience; and a 6-8 week program in course development and course redesigning.  Additionally, CIDDE would have ongoing one day seminars with follow up workshops on Course Info.  Provost Maher said the Subcommittee could develop additional suggestions for implementation in the summer of 00 or, if possible, for the summer of 99.

 b. Planning a small grants curriculum development program for the fall

 Provost Maher said that the small grants program should encourage technology as appropriate; technological use in instruction was not a mandate.  He reiterated that the Council's funds would be merged next year with those currently awarded by an ECAC working group.  The Subcommittee must think through an appropriate process and mechanism for issuing the call for proposals, their review, and the timing of the awards.

 c. Advising Diane Davis on appropriate staffing in CIDDE

 The Provost explained that there were currently five vacancies within CIDDE, which afforded an opportunity for the Council to provide input in determining appropriate job descriptions.  The Subcommittee should consider how CIDDE's current staffing was used and make recommendations for how best to use the vacancies.  He invited reasonably expeditious recommendations from the Subcommittee so that the positions could be filled in a timely manner.

3. Adjournment

 Provost Maher urged Subcommittee chairs to contact him if they ran into difficulties.  Janet Helfand will be contacting Subcommittee chairs and Diane Davis with a view to determining the next meeting of the Council, perhaps toward the end of May.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 PM.