Andrew R. Blair, Chair
 Friday, October 22, 1999
 4:00-5:00 p.m., 826 C.L.


Present:   Andrew Blair (Chair), Susan Albrecht, Lisa Bell-Loncella, Harry Flechtner, Beverly Harris-Schenz, Alan Lesgold, Richard Scaglion, Nina Schor, Kurt Van Lehn, David Wilkins, and Diane Davis (Staff Resource)

Handout: Summer Instructional Development Institute, 99-3 Sessions: Overall Evaluation

Dr. Blair, as the newly-appointed Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Council Chair, opened the meeting by welcoming all members and briefly reviewed the agenda for the meeting.

1. Reports of the Committees

 Harry Flechtner, Chair of the subcommittee  to advise on summer faculty development programs, indicated that Diane Davis, Director of CIDDE, would report on this past summer's programs.  University faculty were notified last year that three programs would be offered during the summer focusing on CourseInfo training: (1) Course Development Using CourseInfo; (2) Course Development Using CourseInfo: Session for Computer Novices; and (3) Course Development Using CourseInfo: Instructional Design Emphasis (Sessions and Individual Consultation).  Dr. Davis gave a brief overview of the programs and indicated that attendance for these sessions met CIDDE's expectations for the first two, concentrated courses, but attendance for the more extended program was somewhat lower.

In response to an earlier inquiry from a member of the University Senate regarding the elimination this year of the Teaching Excellence Conference, Dr. Davis suggested that a focused summer institute and other year-long instructional development programs were being offered in its place.  Council members agreed that the timing of the summer program should be changed, possibly to early May when faculty members are still on campus.

The subcommittee chair informed the Council that ideas for next summer's program were plentiful, and the subcommittee is still in the information-gathering phase.  With the suggestions and advice from the Council's discussion, they now will begin to put together a program for summer of 2000 and prepare a draft for the Council's review at its November 16 meeting.

 Alan Lesgold, Chair of the subcommittee which last year advised CIDDE on its staffing needs, reported that his subcommittee has been operating this year as a sounding board with regard to workshops and other offerings.  CIDDE is working on its online concept of the instructional development Web pages, and the subcommittee members' previewed its progress.  Dr. Davis reported that she has met with the Deans to identify the individual schools' needs for faculty development programs as well as distance learning programs.  A summary report, in its final stages of preparation, will be available prior to the Council's November 16 meeting.

 The chair of the instructional grants program subcommittee, Eric Beckman, was unable to attend the meeting.  At the previous meeting, Professor Beckman had circulated a draft RFP for comment.  The Council members present suggested that Drs. Blair and Davis assist Professor Beckman and his subcommittee members in finishing the RFP and distributing it to the faculty in the near future.  (A revised version of the RFP was received following the meeting which was subsequently distributed to all Council Members.)

2. Mission and Focus of Council's Subcommittees

 Council members reviewed the responsibilities of the three subcommittees, noting that  the subcommittee advising CIDDE on staffing had fulfilled the Provost's initial directive.  It was agreed that the grants subcommittee will continue to focus on the development of the RFP and subsequent oversight of the instructional grant program.  The other two subcommittees will both address faculty development issues, with one subcommittee (chaired by Professor Lesgold)  focusing on strategic issues, including benchmarking, and the second subcommittee (chaired by Professor Flechtner) expanding its scope to include not only the summer program but also the various workshops conducted during the academic year.

3. Agenda for Next Meeting

 Dr. Blair asked for suggestions on items for discussion at the next (November 16) meeting.  It was agreed that the agenda would include:  (1) A draft proposal from Professor Flechtner's subcommittee for next summer's instructional development program;  (2) a report from Dr. Davis of her meetings with the Deans.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.