Andrew R. Blair, Chair

Friday, June 16, 2000
3:00 - 4:00 PM, Room 826 CL


Present: A. Blair (Chair), L. Bell-Loncella, T. Metzger, N. Schor, D. Wilkins, and J. Nicoll (CIDDE).

Handouts: 1999 New Faculty Orientation Agenda and Summary of Evaluations; Draft New Faculty Orientation 2000 Agenda and Program

1.                  Approval of Minutes from May Meeting

There being no corrections or revisions to the minutes of the May 16 meeting, the minutes were approved as written and will be posted on the website.

2.                  Report of the Chair

Dr. Blair announced that the July meeting has been cancelled and this is the last meeting of Council for the academic year.† He also suggested that the September meetingís agenda will focus on the discussion of Council activities for the new academic year, such as priorities, structure of meetings, projects Council is interested in exploring, as well as a revised review process for the awards program, which the Grants Subcommittee has already discussed.† If Council members have additional agenda items, these should be forwarded to the Chair prior to the September meeting.†

3.                  August 23 New Faculty Orientation

Dr. Joanne Nicoll, Associate Director of CIDDE, representing Dr. Diane Davis, was present to discuss the University-wide New Faculty Orientation program (NFO) scheduled for Wednesday, August 23, which is prior to the start of classes.† Dr. Nicoll gave a brief summary of previous NFO sessions and, specifically, the successful program conducted last year.† She informed Council that the Provostís Office determined from various sources (including feedback from participants) that the previous orientation format had not been addressing the areas of concern for incoming faculty at the University of Pittsburgh.† Provost Maher concluded that NFO should have a single theme and, for the first time last year, the sessions focused on resources for teaching and instruction; namely, CIDDE (conducted by Dr. Davis and her administrative colleagues), the University Library System (ULS staff), Computing Services and Systems Development and Network Services, and Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching.† In addition to other positive changes in the program as well as logistical improvements, the tentative program this year contains presentations from the above academic support units and adds a new resource topic, A Student Support Services, @ which will be presented by the new Vice Provost and Dean of Students, Dr. Sharon Johnson.† She will discuss such student services as those provided by the Learning Skills Center, the Counseling Center, Writing Center, and Disability Resources and Services.

Dr. Nicoll was seeking Councilís overall advice on the proposed panel topics and composition.† Council members suggested (a) a graduate student should be included on the opening panel, (b) changes in the overall title and those for specific sessions,† (c) the inclusion of e-mail addresses for presenters, moderators, etc., and (d) that the Pittsburgh campus orientation be coordinated with orientation programs at regional campuses to eliminate scheduling conflicts.† Prior to the beginning of the term, information on the New Faculty Orientation will be on the CIDDE website at:

Dr. Nicoll invited Council members to participate in welcoming our new faculty at this event and, particularly to attend the luncheon, get acquainted with new faculty members, and to answer their questions.†

As a final item, she alerted members to the forthcoming publication of a special edition of the Teaching Times, which is scheduled for mailing to all faculty in the next several weeks.† This issue is devoted to the ACIEís Innovation in Education Award winners and should be of particular interest.

4.                  Other Business

In closing, Dr. Blair reminded members present that some Council membersí terms are expiring and that new members would be appointed for the next academic year beginning the September.† He asked that the record reflect Councilís thanks for the generous service that has been provided by outgoing members† this year and the hope that if called to serve in the future, they would agree.† Members whose terms expire are the following: Susan Albrecht (Nursing), Rita Bean (Education), Lisa Bell-Loncella (Johnstown), Harry Flechtner (Law), Beverly Harris-Schenz (FAS), Vernell Lillie (FAS), Diane Marsh (UPG), Nina Schor (Medicine) and Susan Whitney (SHRS).† Also, Dr. Alan Lesgold, although his term of service as Council member does not expire, is leaving Council to assume the Deanship of the School of Education.† Good wishes in his new assignment were conveyed.

5.                  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.